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Need that extra edge? Well, use these Edge Mogger codes! These codes can reward you with a variety of in-game resources that you can use to help yourself progress further.

Edge Mogger is a Roblox title that takes the idea of “looksmaxxing” and turns it into a game. You’ve been thrown into an asylum – purely because you can’t stop trying to looksmaxx. However, what the guards don’t know, is that you can take the facial features of other people to improve your own looks. To steal these features, you’ll have to defeat them in a minigame!

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Edge Mogger Codes

Apparently, you can’t be trusted to not looksmaxx. So, get some freebies instead! From free eggs to a plethora of others rewards up for grabs, you’re gonna want to redeem these codes straight away.

Active Codes

You can redeem these codes in the game right this second. Luckily for you, all expired codes will be quickly removed from the list so you don’t get met with the disappointment of missing out! So, what freebies can you get right now?

How to Redeem Edge Mogger Codes

Now that you’ve got the codes, you need to redeem them – but how? These step-by-step instructions talk you through the process of code redemption in Edge Mogger.

  • As there are no codes readily available for Edge Mogger right now, we can’t test out how the code redemption function works! When the first code drops, I’ll redeem it, and note down the steps that you need to take to get your free rewards.