Dungeons and Dragons Fan Makes Massive World of Warcraft Homebrew Book


  • A Dungeons and Dragons player has created a massive World of Warcraft-themed supplement for 5th Edition, including races, classes, spells, and more.
  • This unofficial, fan-made book lets players bring their WoW characters to the table and seamlessly integrate them into the D&D framework.
  • Fans of both WoW and D&D are impressed by Galackharg’s work and are already testing out the homebrew rules in their own games.

A Dungeons and Dragons player has created an incredible World of Warcraft-themed homebrew supplement for 5th Edition. This free third-party Dungeons and Dragons book is already over 200 pages long, but it has only just gotten started on bringing World of Warcraft to the TTRPG.

World of Warcraft has captivated players for nearly 20 years now, with the Warcraft franchise itself inspiring fans for close to 30. Meanwhile, Dungeons and Dragons has given players the tools to create their own fantasies for almost 50 years. Considering many fans of one of these games often enjoy the other, it is only natural that the two would cross over.


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Now, Suitable-Water-9575, a Reddit user and fan of WoW and D&D better known as Galackharg, has created a massive third-party Dungeons and Dragons supplement to let that happen. Warcraft: Dungeonstones and Dragonflights is an unofficial, fan-made book that enables players to bring their World of Warcraft characters to the table. Clocking in at a massive 219 pages, this homebrew contains races, classes, items, spells, and other character options inspired directly from World of Warcraft, but designed to fit seamlessly into the framework of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Warcraft: Dungeonstones & Dragonflights Features

  • 16 playable races, including subrace options for most playable races in World of Warcraft.
  • 12 new classes based on the ones in WoW, each with subclasses themed after their in-game specializations.
  • New backgrounds and feats inspired by World of Warcraft lore.
  • Special weapons, including Demon Hunter Warglaives, Kaldorei Moonglaives, and Tauren War-totems.
  • Spells ported directly from the MMO, such as Army of the Dead, Force of Nature, and Ice Block.
  • Iconic pet stat blocks, including Warlock demons and Hunter pets from World of Warcraft.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft have crossed over. WoW released its own TTRPG using an older D&D edition in the past, and even had two editions. Additionally, another group of World of Warcraft fans has been making a different World of Warcraft conversion for 5th Edition for years, which Galackharg cited as one of their biggest inspirations.

Needless to say, World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons fans were impressed by Galackharg’s work. Some players are already testing out these homebrew rules and races in their own Dungeons and Dragons games, and many others are looking forward to convincing their Dungeon Masters to do the same. Fans interested in watching this project can join Galackharg’s Discord server, where the community is working together to provide feedback, so they can help improve Warcraft: Dungeonstones and Dragonflights in the future.


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