When is the next Dragon’s Dogma 2 patch? Optimization coming ‘in the future’

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The launch of Capcom’s latest has been mired by performance issues, so you might be wondering when the next patch for Dragon’s Dogma 2 is coming.

While there’s been no word of a day one patch, there has recently been chatter surrounding whether or not Capcom are planning to release an optimization patch that heals any graphical issues in the game. While glowing reviews cite the gameplay and storytelling as superb, it’s technical performance on both PC and console has received heavy criticism. The game’s developers have had something to say about it.

Will Dragon’s Dogma 2 receive an optimization patch?

Even after optimizing the game with the best graphics settings for Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s an extraordinarily CPU intensive game. According to Capcom, this is thanks to the NPCs rendered in-game, and have said the following:

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, a large amount of CPU usage is allocated to each character and dynamically calculates the impact of their physical presence in various environments. In certain situations where numerous characters appear simultaneously, the CPU usage can be very high and may affect the frame rate,” a Capcom representative told IGN. “We are aware that in such situations, settings that reduce GPU load may currently have a limited effect; however, we are looking into ways to improve performance in the future.

Capcom (via IGN)

Aside from the commentary on what’s causing performance issues in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the most important snippet of information is that Capcom “are looking into ways to improve performance in the future.” There’s no mistaking this – Capcom will be releasing performance optimization patches. However, how far off into the future are we talking?

Is there a day one patch for Dragon’s Dogma 2?

So far, there’s been no word on whether or not a day one patch will be coming for Dragon’s Dogma 2. Since preloading on PC isn’t exactly possible, players who want to play the game the minute it launches will be waiting a few more hours for it to download. On top of that, if there is to be a day one patch, it won’t come until a few hours after the game has launched, if at all.

Don’t get your hopes up for a day one patch

The reality is that that there probably won’t be a day one patch, and if there was, Capcom would have mentioned it already.

Will the next Dragon’s Dogma 2 patch fix optimization issues?

When Capcom release the next patch for Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s likely to include emphasis on optimization and performance. As already mentioned, reviews for the game so far have been utterly astounding, and it seems there’s little need for changes to gameplay and balancing. What is clear, though, is that performance on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X is equally sub par. We’ve had a look at what the best GPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2 is, alongside the best gaming laptops. Comparing your current hardware against these might tell you how desperately you’re going to need an optimization patch in-game.

A patch that fixes CPU usage, alongside optimizing NPC handling, is likely the first thing that the development team will be working on. This has been alluded to by Capcom themselves, so expect a patch to come that sorts out how the game runs on PC.