Dragon Ball Super Could Bring Universe 6 Saiyans Back In A Big Way


  • Dragon Ball Super has set aside many multiversal aspects of the franchise, disappointing fans who loved the Dragon Ball multiverse.
  • The Universe 6 Saiyans can make a comeback with unique power-ups and transformations that haven’t been seen before.
  • Introducing a new villain could give the Universe 6 Saiyans new purpose and bring Goku and Vegeta to Universe 6, leading to character development and a potential shift in the multiverse’s power balance.

Ever since the Tournament of Power ended, Dragon Ball Super has been very dismissive of many multiversal aspects of the franchise. This is because all 4 of the arcs that fans have gotten since the end of the Tournament have been set within Universe 7 and there has been very little mention of the other universes, which is pretty disheartening as the Dragon Ball multiverse was one of the most loved features of the entire series.

The possibilities of where the story could go in a multiverse are endless, but the location that fans have been wanting to see for years is Universe 6. Seeing as how both universes are twins, it would provide a fresh take on the story by showing familiar aspects of Universe 7 handled differently in Universe 6, especially the Saiyans. Cabba, Kale and Caulifla were standouts in the Tournament of Power but have not been seen since then, so here’s how they can come back into the story.


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Universe 6’s Saiyans Need Their Own Power-Up

Super Saiyan 4 Goku

Taking into account where Dragon Ball Super is going concerning character power-ups and transformations, the Universe 6 Saiyans returning with unique powers and forms that haven’t been seen before wouldn’t be out of the question. In the Tournament of Power, fans saw that the ability to achieve the first 2 Super Saiyan forms was far easier for the Universe 6 Saiyans than it was for the Saiyans of Universe 7.

While many view this as a contrived reason to force a random power-up that came out of nowhere for these characters, it remains part of the official canon of the franchise. So, after potentially unlocking more power-ups over the years by themselves and being willing to undergo training to attain higher levels of strength, Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale can go through incredible and unique transformations to keep up with the Z-Fighters.

Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

Since each one of the strongest Z-Fighters are now getting unique transformations, it would suit the narrative very well to have the same done for the Universe 6 Saiyans. This is because, while they are still Saiyans and have the same innate powers as Goku and Vegeta, their difference in nature can give them unique attributes. This presents a fantastic reason for the writers to bring the Super Saiyan 4 transformation into the canon story, which was one of the best aspects of Dragon Ball GT that fans have been asking to be brought back ever since.


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Introducing a New Villain Could Give Them New Purpose

dragon ball villains

If Dragon Ball does go on to bring Universe 6 back into the fold of things, introducing a brand-new villain would most likely be the way they do it. Dragon Ball is a story all about overcoming adversity and getting stronger to defeat evil, so one likely way of bringing the Universe 6 Saiyans back into the story is by introducing a new enemy that poses a threat to their lives and planet.

Since Champa is a very lazy Destroyer God and Angels are not allowed to meddle in the affairs of mortals, the Saiyans would likely seek out external help through Goku and Vegeta, who are far more powerful and could help defeat the villain. This would also serve as great motivation for the Prince especially, as he would train the new generation of Saiyans to get even stronger and reach a level of power much closer to his own.

Cabba in Dragon Ball

Bringing Goku and Vegeta to Universe 6 would also be a great way for Vegeta to differentiate between the bloodthirsty Saiyans that he knew in his past to what they could have been if they never worked for Frieza. Seeing a story where they face a brand-new enemy who is an evil Saiyan that wants to plunge Planet Sadala into a state similar to what the Universe 7 Saiyans were in would be great character-building for Vegeta.

Moreover, such a political struggle would be a great follow-up to Cabba’s promise to the Prince. When Vegeta told Cabba of his wish to visit Planet Sadala, Cabba promised to grant him a meeting with the ruler of the planet, King Sadala himself.


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The Reintroduction of This Fan-Favorite Villain Might be Just What the Universe 6 Saiyans Need


Much like how the entire Saiyan race of Universe 7 was brought to its knees and eventually perished at the hands of Frieza, Dragon Ball Super can set up something very similar for those in Universe 6. The best way to do this is to bring back the much-beloved villain; Cooler, and finally make him canon, similar to what they did with Broly and Gogeta.

In the Dragon Ball Z movies, Cooler was Frieza’s older brother who turned out to be even more powerful initially. He sat on the outskirts while Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta due to the contempt he felt for his younger brother, even letting Goku’s Saiyan Pod escape in time and not pursuing it further to eliminate the Saiyans for good. Cooler was cold and merciless but unlike Frieza, he was always shown to be more calculating, which added a layer to how big of a threat he truly was.

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Since Universes 6 and 7 are twins, having Cooler fill out the role of Galactic Tyrant in the place of Frieza would be incredible to see, as fans have been looking forward to Cooler’s return to the franchise for years. Seeing this deadly foe return with a Golden (or even Black) form would be sensational, and could be made even better if both Frost Demons could somehow meet and work together.

A team-up of Frieza and Cooler would serve as the perfect antagonists for Goku and Vegeta as the Saiyans would work in tandem to defeat the villains who took their planet from them. This potential battle would also bring in the Universe 6 Saiyans to help defend their planet, with its climax marking a shift of the power balance in the multiverse. Cooler would be the perfect antagonist for a potential Universe 6 arc that would not only bring back the Universe 6 Saiyans in a very meaningful way but would also set up the future or end of the franchise.

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