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After looting some drippy accessories to improve your look and stats? My Legacy Piece Accessories Guide can help you become as stylish as Water 7 Robin! This guide outlines all the wearables, how to get them, their stats and drop percentage.

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Legacy Piece Accessories Guide

Accessories offer a series of buffs in Legacy Piece. Think of them more as armour than cosmetic. Typically, Accessories have a slim chance of being dropped by a boss or obtained from in-game stores. Before I get too yappy, let’s get into the guide! I’ll section the accessories into regular and boss-dropped accessories.

Regular Accessories

Accessories obtained through quests, chests or shops.

Pirate Hat – Chest Item. Looks like a standard black pirate hat with a skull and crossbones Jolly Roger on the front.

  • Perks unknown, check back soon!

Koby’s Glasses – Little black circle glasses mimicking Koby’s from the anime.

Boss Drop Accessories

Accessories only found when defeating certain bosses.

Alvida Hat – A white hat with a red feather. Obtained from defeating the Alvida boss on Alvida Island with a 15% drop rate.

Metal Jaw – A 10% drop accessory looted when defeating the Axe Hand Morgan boss located at Shells Town.

Frost Coat – Despite the fur, the Yeti boss located at Shimotsuki still has a cool coat on hand with a 9% drop rate.

Buggy Hat – There’s no clowning around when discussing how stylish Buggy is! This orange hat with blue tassels stunts his clown Jolly Roger. You can find Buggy at Orange Town, though he isn’t willing to hand over his fit that easily. This hat enjoys a low 10% drop rate.

Buggy Cape – With an even lower drop rate of 7% is Buggys Cape. This orange coat can also be obtained when defeating the Buggy The Clown boss at Orange Town.