Disney Illusion Island Getting Free Update This Week


  • Disney Illusion Island is receiving a free update called Keeper Up, which adds new challenges to the game on December 13.
  • The Keeper Up update includes time trials set in remixed versions of different areas on the island, where players must gather collectibles and complete challenges against the clock.
  • Some players found Disney Illusion Island too easy, but the new time trials in the Keeper Up update may provide additional challenges for those looking for a more difficult experience.

Dlala Studios and Disney Electronic announced that new content is on its way to Disney Illusion Island. The free Keeper Up update launches on December 13, adding new challenges to the 2D cartoon platformer.

Dlala Studios released Disney Illusion Island as a Switch exclusive on July 28. A Metroidvania-like side-scroller, the game sees Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy arrive for a picnic on Monoth Island. However, it turns out that the picnic was a trick from the island’s leader, who needs their help recovering three stolen books. The four heroes then embark on a magical 2D adventure to restore lost knowledge to Monoth Island.


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Disney Illusion Island developer Dlala Studios is rolling out the Keeper Up update, which sees players complete new challenges organized by the Mavens of Monoth. Described by Dlala as “old Monoth enthusiasts,” the Mavens challenge players with a race against the clock to see if anyone knows the island better than the Mavens themselves. These new challenges will consist of time trials set in remixed versions of different areas from around the island. Once a challenge begins, players must gather collectibles and then cross the finish in as little time as possible.

Disney Illusion Island is also getting a few quality-of-life updates, including new accessibility features. In addition, the game is getting more gallery unlocks, and Keeper Up is making some changes to the map, though Dlala hasn’t revealed the update’s patch notes.

Disney Illusion Island Keeper Up Update Release Date

  • Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Dlala had nothing but praise for the Disney brand in the lead-up to the platform game’s release, and critics praised Disney Illusion Island for capturing the whimsy of its setting and characters. This comes across in both the animation and humorous writing, which some compared favorably to actual Disney movies. Each character offers unique abilities in gameplay, giving players different tools with which to navigate the map. Disney Illusion Island also manages to be a compelling 2D platformer despite the game’s complete lack of combat.

Unfortunately, while some count Illusion Island as one of 2023’s best platformers, not everyone is a fan. While the game was reviewed well by some Nintendo-focused publications, other critics found it more divisive, with the game’s difficulty being a major point of contention for some players. While many people think Disney Illusion Island is a great family game, more experienced gamers might find it too easy. Therefore, the new time trials in Keeper Up might offer some additional challenges for players who are looking for it.

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Disney Illusion Island

Disney Illusion Island is a Switch exclusive that follows Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Minnie as they investigate the island of Monoth. The 2D platformer has multiple playable characters, 4-player co-op, and hand-drawn animation.

July 28, 2023

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