The next Helldivers 2 update will reverse the controversial weapon nerfs that have driven players away

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Helldivers 2 players recently failed a Major Order that tasked them with eradicating 3.1 billion Automatons and Terminids from the galaxy, which should have been a guaranteed victory for the community. But, due to the dwindling player count that is now regularly less than 100,000, it was just too much for Super Earth to handle. Part of the player count decrease can be attributed to the recent weapon nerfs that have made the game less enjoyable, but Arrowhead Game Studios are hoping the upcoming patches will help to change that.

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TwinBeard, a Community Manager for Helldivers 2, took to Discord to address the upcoming update and give players an insight into what to expect when it releases.

“There’ll be some balancing, some new stuff, some improved stuff and the overdue and anticipated patrols and spawn rate reversion in the next patch,” while also noting that “we’ve never called it balance update or patch.”

It was also stated that there is no ETA for the update and that a “longer time frame between patches is likely to remain the case going forward.” This will be very beneficial as it will allow Arrowhead Game Studios to be able to focus more on the changes they are making and test them in-house before rolling them out to players to ensure that they benefit the game. Previously, with the developers rolling out updates on a near-weekly basis, often times the developers weren’t playing the game and many updates were reactionary and negatively affected the game, leading to many players being turned off and moving onto other titles.

Hopefully, this won’t be the case going forward as the former CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios, Johan Pilestedt, stepped down from the position earlier this week to become the Chief Creative Officer, with the studio founder now focusing solely on the development aspect of Helldivers 2 rather than the business side of the company. This should lead to nothing but positive changes going forward which could bring players back, especially once The Illuminate finally shows up in the game after first being teased back in March 2024.

After having failed the previous Major Order, players are now tasked with liberating a key planet in the galaxy in our fight against the Automatons and Terminids. To make sure we don’t lose yet another Major Order, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can be in the best position to eliminate the robot army and ensure victory.