Cyber Rebellion tier list and a reroll guide


A Tier

  • Saki
  • Amy
  • Catherine
  • Eric
  • Morgan
  • Seer
  • Leyva

Characters at the top of our Cyber Rebellion tier list have variations that are either consistently top tier or one variation that itself is upper tier. We’ve also placed characters that have consistent placements in the middle, but no lower, as these are arguably more valuable than ‘one-hit wonders’ with little alternative potential.

Essentially, characters in this tier are, overall very good. Beyond just their utility they also have access to numerous fissions that are all quite useful, with none that drop down to ‘trash’. This means that if you pull or have access to these from the get-go you should make use of them as the core of your team.

Saki is emblematic of the state of this tier. As her evolutions apply differing damage and serve mainly as direct upgrades to her base form. Since she, as well as Rik, form part of your starting team this means that she’s easy to upgrade and has utility well throughout the game, especially her Suzaku form which has abilities like Searing Arrow which applies burning damage with a 100% chance, and her ultimate Falcon Strike which converts burns that are stacked on an enemy into a buff for herself! She’s extremely valuable in all her forms and will likely be the lynchpin of your team for most of the game.

Leyva also has the role of being the most valuable support character, with her Starring form providing both healing and cleansing for the team and individuals, using Hot Dance and Bouncing Melody respectively. And, like with Saki, she’s also part of your starting team (or free roll, but the same difference), and her ability to accrue energy – used to upgrade abilities during battle – can help tip the tide in your favour.


B Tier

  • Rik
  • Lindsay
  • Candido
  • Frost

Characters in the middle of the Cyber Rebellion tier list lack the force of those in A tier or have limited variations. Admittedly the variations can be somewhat specialised, but even so, there are those that can end up pigeonholed or lack the potency of those we place in A tier.

Rik, for example, has a large variety of fissions but is firmly middle of the road, focused purely on damage and your standard DPS archetype rather than anything more complex in most of his forms. He does have at least one highly recommended form with The New Order which has the ability to apply electrified with his Arcing Combo attack and High Voltage Chain ult, so is well worth keeping around if you can pursue that. However, his main function is to provide the backbone of basic damage output and be able to strike multiple opponents at a time to keep up the pressure.

Lindsay’s Vermillion Dawn form comes with the application of burning damage using her abilities such as Fusing Gun and Melting Stream. When synergised with Saki’s Suzaku form – which also does burning damage and benefits from it – this makes her extremely powerful as they rapidly stack damage together. However, we’ve pushed her down a tier since this depends on a single fission and proper synergy with a team centred around this damage type and requiring two late-game fissions as well.


C Tier

  • Pastoral
  • Noam
  • Vera (Limited time recruitment)

Thanks to some decent balancing, Cyber Rebellion doesn’t necessarily have any ‘trash’ tier characters as in some other games. Due chiefly to a fairly compact roster at the moment. However, these are ones you should generally avoid investing too much time into, especially if you have characters in higher tiers available.

Generally, since we’re aggregating there may be some exceptions with these character’s fissions. However, it should be noted that we’re mainly referring to their ‘general’ utility, and so although they may work out well if you pursue a particular fission, if you’re not particularly attached to them it may be worth more of your time to look at others higher on the list who have easier fissions to access and use.

Pastoral, for example, does have one excellent fission in the form of Augmenter which does massive damage using abilities like Bitter Touch and Lethal Beam, however her ultimate, Crimson Razor comes at the expense of doing damage to herself. Arguably, when properly paired with good support this can be recovered, but for new players, this is difficult to manage. If you want to pursue this to build a powerful team you can, but it may be more effort when other character combinations like Suzaku in A tier are easier to access.

Noam can be very useful when you make use of his ult ability, however, in practice he is a jack-of-all-trades character, and not in a good way. He does have one good point with his base form, and that’s the Defensive Field passive that applies a taunt to him and a -85% damage reduction for the first two turns of a battle. This can be extremely useful since it means the opening two turns (this ability can’t be dispelled) will essentially be free for your team as he soaks up damage. However, other characters do damage and healing better than he does.


Reroll guide and conclusion

As always a good option for characters you want – but don’t yet have – is to take advantage of rerolling. When you start the game, go through the tutorial and then use the free spins you get to cheese better characters by constantly restarting. Naturally, this is a tedious process – and means you can’t link your account until you’ve got the characters you want – but if you’re really determined to get the best possible starters…maybe that’s the method for you?

Cyber Rebellion also has a unique mechanic in the selection recruitment. Basically a pity pull, after you’ve “reconstructed” 99 times you’ll have a guaranteed 10x recruitment that will net you an SS combatant. At the moment, with the roster as it is that means you have a good chance to build out your team quickly, so characters like Pastoral or Vera who have one very useful form can be very viable.

At the moment, Cyber Rebellion is still at its early stage, but we’ve already seen some positive receptions to this game – especially regarding the visuals. However, whether it has the longevity to stick around is yet to be seen, but hopefully the above gives you a basic idea of where to put your attention and what characters to focus on.

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