All Quincy Weapons and How to Get Them in Type Soul

Each faction in Roblox: Type Soul has many different weapons and abilities. Therefore, you can create a build to suit your taste no matter which side you choose. However, many of your combat abilities are dependent on RNG. Therefore, this guide will tell you all Quincy weapons and how to get them in Type Soul.

According to the original lore, Quincy only uses bows in battle. However, in the case of Type Soul, things are a little different, so most of the weapons are melee. But this does not make them weaker than other factions’ weapons.


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Type Soul: How to Get Quincy Weapons

Type Soul items

Unlike Hollows, Quincy’s progression is much easier, as you just need to visit Wandenreich as a lost soul to join this faction and immediately start fighting. Once you become part of the Yhwach army, you will receive your Quincy weapon in Type Soul.

As with other abilities and items, your weapon depends entirely on RNG. You will most likely get Common ones since most have a 97% drop rate. At the same time, there are only a few Legendary Quincy weapons, but the drop rate is 3%. If you don’t like fighting what you got initially, you can reroll it.

To change Quincy weapons in Type Soul, players must use Spirit Boxes, which work as reroll items. In other words, they do not guarantee you will get the desired weapon. But they are straightforward to obtain. You only need to win Raids to have a slight chance of receiving Spirit Boxes as a drop. Alternatively, Quincy can visit the KT Shop NPC and purchase such a Box for 80k Kan.


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Type Soul: All Quincy Weapons

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In total, Quincy has nine weapons in the arsenal; three of them are Legendary, while the remaining six are Common ones. But this does not mean that only the Legendary are the best. Fortunately, even among Common weapons, you can find worthy options.

A good example is Antithesis. This greatsword can deal massive melee damage with combos and has a large hitbox. Moreover, the weapon has a ranged attack, which allows it to be used effectively against almost any enemy.

If you prefer ranged combat, then the Quincyglock is what you need. This gun will allow you to deal much damage at a distance while dodging enemy attacks. But it takes a lot of practice to get used to.

Weapon Name Rarity
Quincyglock Legendary
Warden Gauntlets Legendary
Spalten Legendary
Antithesis Common
Quincy Cutlass Common
Cang Du Claws Common
Quilge Common
Jugramshield Common
Schwert Common

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