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All chant for enchants! My Critical Revengeance Enchants Guide tells you how and where to enchant, as well as all the different types of Enchantments with benefits.

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Critical Revengeance Enchants Guide

Enchants allow a weapon to be modified and enhanced with buffs without drawbacks. To make an enchantment, you need to locate 5 of the same Fragments per type of enchantment. Fragments are Mythical rarity drops from chests and mobs, they’re not easy to come by and require grinding to obtain.

To exchange your Fragments for the Enchant, head into the Blue Gate Cave located beside the Forest of Stone. On the left after entering is a small shop where each Enchant can be purchased. After buying an Enchant, you can equip it, this will proceed to cull your avatar and destroy the item, which enchants your weapon in the process.


Landing an Orb has a 15% chance to apply a Freeze stun to an enemy for 2 seconds.


Landing an Orb has a 45% chance to apply Magic Burn DMG with Magic scaling to an opponent. In return, your avatar will set ablaze causing self-harm Magic Burn DMG at a 20% chance. This enchantment mirrors Flametouched as its Magic counterpart.


Landing an Orb has a 45% chance to apply Burn DMG with DMG scaling to an enemy. In return, your avatar will ignite in flames suffering self-harm burns with a 20% chance. This enchant mirrors Magicflame.


Landing an Orb gives a 25% chance to apply Bleed DMG to an opponent for 5 seconds. This Enchant also enjoys DMG scaling.

Which Is The Best Enchant?

This depends on your play style and what ability you would most benefit from. However, based on general descriptions, I would claim the Lacerating Enchantment is the best. This is because of its decent chance to apply Bleed to enemies with no repercussions to the user.