Crayola Adventures review – “A vibrant story creation adventure game”

  • Inclusive character creation system.
  • Customize imaginative stories.
  • Create cool designs using paints, crayons and markers.

The company behind your favourite crayons, Crayola, is known for embracing creativity. Now, the vibrant arts and crafts company is encouraging you to express your creativity through storytelling in its new game, Crayola Adventures. In this charming adventure title, you’ll explore the limits of your own imagination as you participate in customized stories.

Inclusive Character Design

Crayola Adventures lets you create your own characters. You’ll choose their look, pronouns, favourite adjectives, and more. The game offers the inclusive options to make a character with a wheelchair, prosthetic arm, and prosthetic leg. Hopefully, Crayola Adventures will add even more inclusive avatar options in the future.

Not only is the character creator inclusive, but the avatars themselves are adorable. Whether you want your character to sport fangs or a button nose, Crayola Adventure has you covered. There are also plenty of creative haircuts to try out, such as pigtails and a mohawk. Creating eccentric characters in Crayola Adventures is an incredibly calming and engaging experience.

After creating your first character, you’ll be able to begin your adventure. The game features three genres of stories for you to customize and experience: Real Life, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. After selecting a genre, you’ll choose from a selection of story options. Then, you’ll need to select or create a main character and fill in a variety of details. For instance, the Artist For Hire story requires you to choose where to start the story and your teacher’s name, while you’ll need to create a new species of alien for The Junkyard Heroes tale.

Flex Your Creativity

Essentially, Crayola Adventures is a virtual Mad Libs where you actually get to experience the tale you create. With its engaging gameplay and vibrant colours, it is a perfect game for children who need to practice their reading, writing, and problem-solving skills. However, the game is cute enough to ensnare the attention of fun-loving adults as well.

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Being a Crayola game, it’s not surprising that you’ll get to flex your art skills. From designing an adorable mascot to creating your starship, which you can then pilot in a mini-game, there’s no shortage of artistic activities for you to enjoy. You’ll have access to crayons, markers, paints, stamps, and more as you design aliens. Girls looking at the drawing madly

Throughout the game, you’ll customize story scenes with your own art, create distinct characters, and determine each tale’s outcome through your actions. You can replay stories you’ve completed or start a new version and get a different ending.

Mighty Mini-Games

The title also features four mini-games for you to try out. Rock Out is a rhythm game in which you must tap the correct band member when the note reaches them, while Interstellar Obstacle Course is a mini-game where you must navigate a rocket past obstacles.

The Boxed In mini-game tasks you with moving boxes to create a path, and Rainbow Rush is an endless runner where you guide your pet down a slide, avoiding obstacles and collecting colours along the way. Each mini-game is simple yet provides a fun distraction from the game’s main content.

Garden gnomes talking to each other in front of a strange green building

Level Up

As you create characters and complete stories, you’ll gain experience. When you gain enough experience, you will level up, which unlocks new clothing accessories for the characters you create. You can also use the points you acquire to purchase new accessories, shirts, dresses, pants, and costumes.

You’ll also earn trophies for completing stories for the first time. You can then place these trophies in your treehouse to add a bit of flair. Crayola Adventures also lets you share the stories you create with friends and family.

Crayola Adventures is an imaginative mobile adventure game that will bolster your child’s reading and writing skills. Even though the game is intended for kids, it’s still for adults to experiment with. The game lets you flex your creativity. With various stories to customize, cute mini-games to play, and the promise of additional content each month, Crayola Adventures is a fantastic family game for Apple Arcade that subscribers shouldn’t pass up.