Goat Simulator 3’s Shadiest Update finally hits mobile with new summer-themed fun

  • Goat Simulator 3’s Shadiest update is now on mobile
  • It features a host of summer-themed content for the physics-based comedy game
  • The Shadiest update previously launched way back in 2023

Goat Simulator 3’s Shadiest Update is finally making the jump to mobile a year after it was first released. The update brings a host of new summer-themed content, collectibles and more to the hit physics-based comedy game, including a host of bug fixes and more.

Goat Simulator is, well, a simulator of you being a goat. But rather than stand around eating grass and chewing the cud (do goats do that?) you’ll instead use your sticky tongue and a variety of whacky physics-based puzzles to sow absolute chaos on unsuspecting humans.

The Shadiest Update, first released in 2023 for the mainline console and PC versions, mainly focused on a huge number of at least 23 new summer-themed cosmetics. It also features a host of bug fixes, at least in its previous iteration, and we can assume the same for the mobile version.

Better late than never?

Just how excited you are for this update will probably depend on how much you like Goat Simulator, and indeed how excited you are to see it on mobile. It currently amounts to not much more than the inclusion of a lot more cosmetics and a bit of summer theming, but either way, it’s a welcome reminder that the hit comedy game is on mobile and that the developers are still paying attention to it.

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