December 10, 2023
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The new patch introduces a major update of the Portal Dungeon system, as well as numerous new features, improvements and bugfixes!

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The new patch introduces a major update of the Portal Dungeon system, as well as numerous new features, improvements and bugfixes.

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Portal Dungeons:

  • Portal dungeon system was significantly improved. The new improvement allows multiple dungeons to be active at the same time.
  • Portal dungeons now initiate a quest. You need to complete the quest in order to receive a reward.
  • Only the host player can now interact with the portals. When they do it, all players with all their troops will be teleported to the dungeon.
  • When players die inside a dungeon, they get teleported back to the corresponding tower.
  • Implemented dungeon map and mini-map.
  • Improved dungeon props layout. Removed props from the starting room.
  • Added windows inside dungeons.

New Features:

  • Implemented bullet spread system. AI units now will shoot less accurately when they are far away from the target. The spread also applies when the player is not aiming.
  • Added troop unit icons on top of the screen. Now it’s much easier to keep track of your troop.
  • Added highlight for the currently active unit in the Inventory and Troop Manager.
  • Implemented multi-quest system. Now multiple quests can be active at the same time.
  • Implemented quest rewards.
  • Implemented flashlights to make nighttime navigation easier (default key is L).
  • Implemented new system for the troop following behavior. Now troop units don’t get stuck in narrow interiors.
  • Implemented dynamic detection range for AI units. The sight range will increase if units are alerted. This will solve the issue when the units are under attack but don’t react to it.


  • Increased spawn radius for all enemy spawners.
  • Improved navigation generation around enemy spawners (navigation is used for the bots to be able to navigate the map).
  • Deleted fallen trees. Those often caused bots getting stuck in forests.
  • Added sound notifications for quest completion/failure and various area events.
  • Increased weapon bullet speed for most of the bots.
  • Increased shooting range for most of the bots.
  • Added knocked state for H-Bots and Penguins.
  • Added cull distance for the tower UI.
  • Added a hotkey to toggle on/off gameplay UI (default key is O).
  • Added few spawn beacons on the island.


  • Fixed bug when sometimes all enemy units could spawn at the same location.
  • Fixed bug when it was impossible to select respawn tower.
  • Fixed bug when environment decals were affecting the Sleepdealer weapon.
  • Fixed weapon physics after the death of a unit.
  • Fixed bug where a wrong orientation of the view was visible inside the base portal.
  • Fixed bug where client was trapped on the base after respawn.

Known Issues:

  • Act 1 is temporarily disabled in this patch. It will be enabled again in the next hotfix version.
  • You can only invite friends to your session while you are on the starting base.
  • Crashes sometimes happen on a client.

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