December 4, 2023

Cities: Skylines 2 really amped up how much it could do compared to the original. There was a player who posted pictures of combinations they were able to make in their game and it looks crazy to see the roads stack up. I played the first one, and I definitely see the difference in what you can do now.

A Reddit user posted images of what looks like the spaghetti bowl in Las Vegas but in Cities: Skylines 2. Quick history lesson, Vegas wasn’t built for as many people that ended up coming, so new freeway lanes, exits, and entraces are placed every year or so. This causes roads to look wild and crazy and some sections to be called “spaghetti bowls.”

You could not do anything close to that in the original Cities: Skylines, but the sequel definitely makes lanes more realistic. I would not subject my own citizens to this because I have been lost in the spaghetti bowl before. However, this just shows how much better Cities: Skylines 2 is in terms of city planning and freedom of choice for players.

I’m looking forward to the day we can see people remake their towns in Cities: Skylines. As someone who grew up in Las Vegas, that seemed impossible with our many arenas, casinos, and freeways. However, since Cities: Skylines keeps surprising us, I think it may be possible.

In just two installments, Cities: Skylines outdid SimCity by a large margin in my opinion. While some people want more tornadoes and fire to rain from the skies, some people just want a prosperous city. The Reddit post shows how much care and detail the developers went into to make sure that every player could design a city without limits. In my opinion, more players should point out restrictions so the third game can push this idea even further.

We’re not far from city planners using this game to design improvements to their own cities.

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