Cat Quest III gets tentative promise of iOS release

  • Cat Quest III, the latest upcoming instalment in the Cat Quest series is set to release August 8th
  • An iOS version is in the offing, although news on an Android release has not materialised
  • Check out what’s in store for the upcoming mainline release!

Cat Quest III, the latest upcoming instalment of the Cat Quest series, has tentative news of an upcoming iOS release. While the game is slated to only come to console and PC initially, in answering a fan question the devs, TheGentlebros, confirmed that an iOS version was also in the offing.

An action RPG series with a feline twist, the Cat Quest games mix roleplaying with side-scrolling action. The latest entry takes you to the so-called ‘Purribean’ and mixes in a hearty dose of piratical action. You’ll be able to sail your own ship, explore an open overworld in the vein of retro RPG games, or journey through a variety of side-scrolling and isometric dungeons.

Set to release, rather fittingly, on International Cat Day (August 8th), Cat Quest III hopefully won’t be long in making the promised jump to iOS.

Cat puns, ahoy

It’s not entirely unrelated for us to be poking into the release of Cat Quest on mobile. The game has previously come to Android and iOS with its first instalment, to positive reviews (and no, before you ask, I’m not doing any cat puns). Apple Arcade currently has Cat Quest II exclusively tied to it, insert my usual screed about siloing off games here, but hopefully, this at least means the path is open for iOS players to get their hands on Cat Quest III sooner rather than later.

But you don’t need to worry about waiting fruitlessly for Cat Quest III’s mobile release. Because there are more than a few games already on storefronts you ought to check out, so take a look at our regular feature with the top 5 new mobile games you have to try this week, for hidden gems, indie releases and major titles that you might’ve missed! And be sure to check in for any more news on the upcoming feline thrills of Cat Quest when we get it.