Castle Clash x Kung Fu Panda Is Here All Month, With Rewards and Prizes up for Grabs – Gamezebo

Hit game Castle Clash and hit movie Kung Fu Panda have joined forces this December for a massive collaboration event. 

The Castle Clash x Kung Fu Panda event kicked off in the middle of month, and is set to run until mid-January.

Developed by IGG, the massively successful studio behind Lords Mobile, Castle Clash is a mobile strategy game with more than 100 million downloads under its belt. 

Gameplaywise, it sees you engaging in base-building, tower defense, and real-time strategy. There are Heroes, a multiplayer arena, a wealth of modes, and all the stuff you’d expect to find in a best-in-class strategy game. 

The Castle Clash x Kung Fu Panda collaboration injects characters from the classic animated movie into IGG’s fantasy kingdom for a round or two of glorious mashup chaos. 

Po, Tigress, Viper, and Mantis are all present and correct, all of them showcasing their kung fu skills. Their mission: to help Narcia’s heroes defeat Phobos and bring peace to the land. 

The event is aimed at experienced players and newcomers alike. If you’re already deeply invested in the various conflicts of Castle Clash, this visit from Kung Fu Panda will be a welcome change.

If you’re a newcomer, meanwhile, the collaboration will show you exactly why Castle Clash is such a monumental hit. 

Throughout the Castle Clash x Kung Fu Panda event you can log in to obtain exclusive chat channel emotes. Plus, taking part in Panda Go lets you collect Fragrant Buns to spend on gear, rewards, and Po. 

Or you can just play as Po for free in the Kung Fu Practice mode. 

On top of all that, you can earn Bowl of Buns and Leafy Bamboo to exchange for a ton of different rewards.

There are even events held on the game’s dedicated website, which you can find here. Modes included in the Castle Clash x Kung Fu Panda event include Puzzle Illumination, which sees you completing tasks to collect puzzle pieces. Completing puzzles nets you in-game rewards and the chance to win the Grand Koi Prize, which includes an iPhone 15 Pro. 

Comrade’s Call, meanwhile, gives you and an invited friend the chance to win a ton of prizes, including an iPhone 15 Pro and a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card. 

Finally, every Castle Clash player will be able to claim a Companion Gift and a Deluxe Gift for free, as a token of IGG’s gratitude for their support over the years.

To learn more, head to the Castle Clash Facebook page and Discord channel

Download the game for free right now on the Google Play Store or the App Store