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Anime Roulette is a game about subjecting yourself wholly to the whims of chance. With the help of my Anime Roulette Super Rolls guide, however, you’ll tip the scales a bit more in your favour.

Anime Roulette is a gacha experience on the Roblox platform. Combining the luck-based thrill of recent RNG games with the beloved iconography of popular anime, it gives players a compelling reason to keep on rolling. Sometimes a regular roll just won’t cut it, however. In such cases, you’ll be glad to have this guide to hand.

You can check out Anime Roulette via Roblox right now. For more on the game, have a gander at our Anime Roulette Crafting guide and our Anime Roulette Items guide.

Complete Anime Roulette Super Rolls Guide

In this guide, I’ll teach you what Super Rolls are, and how you can get them.

What Are Super Rolls?

Super Rolls are special rolls that boost your Luck by 8x when used. To use them, you can click the ‘Super Roll’ button above the regular ‘Roll’ button. Unlike normal rolls, Super Rolls are limited, meaning you can’t just use them as much as you’d like.

Instead, you can receive Super Rolls by completing various tasks, which we’ll detail below. Any Super Rolls you receive are added to your total, and as long as you have at least one available you can perform a Super Roll by clicking the button. Super Rolls also have the same feature as normal rolls, wherein your Luck is doubled every tenth Super Roll.

How To Get Super Rolls

There are currently 2 ways to get Super Rolls in Anime Roulette. You can earn them by completing Missions, or by finishing Achievements.

Super Rolls From Missions

At time of writing, there’s only one set of Missions available in the game. This is given to you by the Chakkima NPC, and each of its three stages rewards you with some number of Super Rolls.

  • Chakkima Mission 1
    • Roll 4 Espers, 2 Ghouls, and 2 Namekians.
    • Reward: 5 Super Rolls, 1,500 Currency.
  • Chakkima Mission 2
    • Roll 2 Mangekyous and 1 Rinnegan.
    • Reward: 10 Super Rolls, 1,500 Currency.
  • Chakkima Mission 3
    • Roll 1 King of Curses.
    • Reward: 15 Super Rolls.

Super Rolls From Achievements

Completing in-game achievements is a great way of getting Super Rolls. Each Achievement rewards at least 1 Super Roll, and most can easily be completed just by playing the game normally.

  • Welcome To Anime Roulette
    • Start playing the game.
    • Reward: 1 Super Roll, 150 Currency.
  • Rarity Achievement I
    • Roll a Title rarer than 1 in 10,000.
    • Reward: 5 Super Rolls, 500 Currency.
  • Rarity Achievement II
    • Roll a Title rarer than 1 in 100,000.
    • Reward: 10 Super Rolls, 2,500 Currency.
  • Rarity Achievement III
    • Roll a Title rarer than 1 in 1,000,000.
    • Reward: 25 Super Rolls, 5,000 Currency.
  • Roll Achievement I
    • Roll 1,000 times.
    • Reward: 2 Super Rolls, 250 Currency.
  • Roll Achievement II
    • Roll 5,000 times.
    • Reward: 5 Super Rolls, 500 Currency.
  • Roll Achievement III
    • Roll 10,000 times.
    • Reward: 10 Super Rolls, 1,000 Currency.
  • Roll Achievement IV
    • Roll 100,000 times.
    • Reward: 25 Super Rolls, 1,500 Currency.
  • Roll Achievement V
    • Roll 1,000,000 times.
    • Reward: 50 Super Rolls, 5,000 Currency.