Bunny Haven lets you build a garden filled with cute bunnies while teaching you about ethical pet ownership

  • Adorable title featuring cute bunnies with their own personalities
  • The game aims to raise awareness about the importance of ethical pet ownership

Runaway Play has just announced the launch of its latest heartwarming creation, Bunny Haven. The title releases just in time for Easter. It is the perfect display of camaraderie between developers, as it is backed by support from various notable studios, including those behind Usagi Shima, Wylde Flowers, and Kinder World, showcasing the collaborative spirit within the gaming community.

Bunny Haven invites you into a world of tranquillity and charm, where you can immerse yourself in the delightful task of rescuing and caring for a diverse array of adorable bunnies. Each bunny comes with its own distinct markings, colours, and personality traits, inspired by real-life rabbits. As you nurture these furry companions, you’ll also have the opportunity to transform a garden into a haven of love and warmth, all while managing a cosy garden café.

Besides just loving to play with adorable little bunnies, this game is perfect for those who enjoy interior design and decoration. Bunny Haven also carries an important message about ethical pet ownership and the importance of kindness and responsibility toward animals. In fact, some of the bunnies shown in-game are based on those belonging to Runaway staff and their friends. The game emphasizes the values of adoption and responsible care.

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To complement the launch of this cute title, the studio has also released a dedicated website featuring valuable bunny care tips, aimed at educating players on how to responsibly care for their companions. The website also provides resources for finding local Bunny Sanctuaries, encouraging adoption and promoting positive, ethical pet care practices.

Easter Week also means a special celebration will be held in Bunny Haven. Special Easter eggs containing cross-promotions with other popular games will be featured, offering a bunch of coupon codes for exclusive decoration items.

Get your hands on the game now by downloading Bunny Haven for free.