How to Get Hunter’s Dagger

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there are numerous times to uncover and collect throughout your journey. From amulets that enable you to cast Spells without expending a Spell Slot or magical weapons that can inflict extra effects on your opponents, these items are sure to add many different perks to your character builds.

Among these magical weapons is the Hunter’s Dagger, a brilliant finesse weapon that enables a chance to inflict extra damage upon successful hits. This makes the Hunter’s Dagger a standout weapon choice throughout the first section of the game, as it is obtainable during Act 1. For this reason, taking the time to pick this one up can be highly beneficial, so it’s important to know when and how to source it during your playthrough.


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How to Get the Hunter’s Dagger in Baldur’s Gate 3

roah moonglow shattered sanctum

The Hunter’s Dagger can be obtained during Act 1, in the early stages of Baldur’s Gate 3. This means that players looking to pick this item up as soon as possible will only need to visit a couple of areas and progress through a few minor quests and interactions to gain access to it.

The Hunter’s Dagger can be purchased from Roah Moonglow, a merchant located at Shattered Sanctum, which is the building located inside the Goblin Camp. To reach this location, head through the forest down the path from Emerald Grove and into Blighted Village. From here, you will simply need to follow the trail down the hill from Blighted Village and then cross the bridge, leading you into the courtyard of the Goblin Camp. Lastly, head inside the building within this courtyard, which is an abandoned Selunite temple known as Shattered Sanctum.

Once you have entered Shattered Sanctum, you will need to locate Roah Moonglow, who can be found lingering at the approximate coordinates of X: 273, Y: -27. To obtain the Hunter’s Dagger from her, you will need to initiate a conversation with her and then ask to see her wares. This will open the trading menu, where you can choose to purchase the weapon for 169 Gold.

Roah Moonglow trading

Alternatively, you may choose to have a stealthy character, such as your designated Rogue or Ranger, to loot the item from Roah Moonglow by using the Hide Action and making a pickpocket attempt. However, it’s important to know that compared to other merchants or NPCs, Roah may be significantly harder to loot due to the other Goblins that tend to be walking around the area, making you more likely to be caught in the act.

Hunter’s Dagger Perks and How to Get the Most Value

Hunters dagger

  • Rupturing: On a hit, the target must succeed a DC 13 Constitution Saving Throw or become Ruptured.

On each hit, the Hunter’s Dagger forces the target to undergo a DC 13 CON Saving Throw or be affected by the Ruptured status effect. This causes targets to take an extra +2d8 Bludgeoning damage +1d4 Bludgeoning damage, which is huge. If you can consistently secure hits on targets with the Hunter’s Dagger, you will not only deal the usual damage but also extra from the Ruptured effect, which will add up significantly over multiple rounds.

For this reason, you’ll need to equip the Hunter’s Dagger with a character who can best utilize this weapon by ensuring they secure successful hits as frequently as possible. The best choice in this scenario by far is a Rogue, as not only are they proficient with finesse weapons, but they can also grant themselves Advantage on their attacks through Cunning Action Hide and Sneak Attack. This enables them to secure hits more frequently, therefore proccing the Rupturing perk as often as possible.

If a Rogue is not a suitable choice for you with the Hunter’s Dagger for whatever reason, then other DEX-focused classes will operate as great second choices. Equipping it to a Ranger will create an option for them to utilize melee combat in the situation that they are swarmed by enemies or unable to get ranged attacks off for whatever reason. Bards, on the other hand, are also fairly strong in DEX more often than not, so giving them this dagger as an option for dealing physical damage will give them a backup in the situation that they are unable to use Spells and Cantrips.