Best teams in Top Heroes

Here is the list of best teams in Top Heroes for every class.

Suppose you’re just setting foot on the mysterious continent of Top Heroes. In that case, you will face countless magical creatures of all forms, discover unknown hidden dungeons and fight the potent and ominous creeping darkness. That won’t be easy at all, but with our guide of the best teams in Top Heroes, you will be able to carry on the mission with a sturdy lineup and get out of the direst situations.

In Top Heroes, you have six slots to fill with mighty warriors, each with a distinct set of skills and various purposes in combat. Even though the game suggests hot pick lineups, which are helpful for different content, they are hardly achievable for new and free-to-play players since legendary heroes aren’t easy to obtain.

Luckily, you’ve come to the perfect place. We will provide the best suggestions for team building in Top Heroes, along with robust replacement units for each role. But before that, you should take a look at our Top Heroes tier list of every hero in the game so far and grab some freebies with our Top Heroes codes.

Tips to keep in mind while forming a team in Top Heroes

Deploying heroes that meet specific pre-set conditions will grant additional effects to the queued team.

Faction Aura

Although this sounds more like the ultimate endgame goal, deploying Legendaries from the same factions will grant a special effect.

Four Legendary heroes: Queue Attack +15%, Queue HP +15%
Five Legendary heroes: Queue Attack +25%, Queue HP +25%
Six Legendary heroes: Queue Attack +35%, Queue HP +35%


Queue gains Damage Reduction +10% when deployed simultaneously:

  • Pyromancer + Secret Keeper + Nun
  • Swordmaster + Shaman + Warlock
  • Druid + Sage + Windwalker

Queue gains Damage +10% when deployed simultaneously:

  • Astrologer + Adjudicator + Paragon
  • Wilderness Hunter + Soulmancer + Desert Prince
  • Treeguard + Forest Maiden + Pixie
  • Paragon + Pixie + Desert Prince

Queue gains HP +5% when deployed simultaneously:

  • Hostess + Bard
  • Barbarian + Headhunter
  • Watcher + Stonemason


  • League > Nature > Horde > League

For a starter, consider placing two tanks in the frontline, double damage dealers with AoE and debuff (mid) and double healer or a healer + supporter in the back line. This combo works well for PvE and Arena and has proved effective against more robust comps with only one tank. We have followed this mix to form our list of the best teams.

With that in mind, we are all set to jump into our list of the best teams.