Best Facility Locations In GTA Online


  • Facilities in GTA Online provide access to the Doomsday Heist planning room, offering exciting missions and rewards for players who want more excitement in the game.
  • It’s important to choose the best facility in GTA Online before purchasing, as some facilities are worth their high price while others are located in inconvenient areas.
  • The Lago Zancudo Facility is a good option due to its proximity to the Fort Zancudo military base, making it easier for players to steal military jets and navigate back to the city.

Facilities in GTA Online are essential to players who want to expand their criminal empire. These underground bases give players access to the thrilling Doomsday Heist planning room, which comes with multiple missions and rewards, perfect for players who want to bring more excitement to GTA Online.


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From Maze Bank Foreclosures, players have to pick 1 of 9 Facilities to purchase. Due to the high price of some Facilities, it’s best to check what is the best facility in GTA Online before committing to one, as some are worth their price.

Updated on December 23, 2023, by Jake Fillery: With the recent and highly anticipated reveal of Grand Theft Auto 6, many players return to Grand Theft Auto Online to celebrate or to try and tide themselves over as they wait until 2025. As players venture into Los Santos, they might find themselves desperate for cash, and what better way to get some than by investing in GTA Online’s best facilities? With this handy guide, players will be able to source the prices of every facility in GTA Online, their location, pros, and cons, as well as get to the bottom of what it actually is that a facility does.

What Do Facilities Do?

Players can get their hands on an underground base in Grand Theft Auto Online, introduced thanks to The Doomsday Heist update. Players can head to Maze Bank Foreclosures to purchase an underground facility, held by the IAA. The purpose of a facility is to allow players to access The Doomsday Heists as the host. Being the host and completing all missions has its advantages, even outside of the large cash reward, as players will see discounts on iconic vehicles introduced in this update, such as the Deluxo. Owning a facility is not expensive, and if players simply have the base with no additions, they are looking at a daily charge of $200.

Players can also fork over some extra cash to unlock the following bonuses for their facility location:

  • Orbital Cannon ($900,000)
  • Security Room ($775,000)
  • Lounge ($185,000) / ($245,000)
  • Sleeping Quarters ($235,000) / ($290,000)

Is A Facility Worth It?

If players enjoy the story mission content of GTA Online, then a facility is definitely worth it. Even if it’s just to flex the growing criminal empire of players old and new. A facility may only grant players access to The Doomsday Heist, but Act One, Act Two, and Act Three are replayable, fun, and provide great supplies of income, so the facility is worth it to those who enjoy missions with friends or random players online.

9 Mount Gordo Facility

Cost: $1,465,000

Mount Gordo Facility with avenger

  • Location: Mount Gordo, Blaine County

There’s a valuable hideaway thanks to the Mount Gordo Facility. The price for this Facility isn’t awfully expensive and is $1,465,000. Being right next to the ocean may be a dealbreaker, as well as the fact that driving there isn’t the easiest thing to do considering the rocky surface and mountain climb.

Mount Gordo Facility is certainly a discreet location, but there’s good reason for that, it’s because no one can be bothered to get there, especially when it’s not even too far away from the furthest Facility in GTA Online, meaning this is another purchase to avoid.

8 Paleto Bay Facility

Cost: $1,250,000

Paleto Bay Facility map

  • Location: Paleto Bay, Blaine County

The lowest-priced Facility in GTA Online is the Paleto Bay Facility, coming in at a relatively cheap price of $1,250,000. The location of this facility is in Blaine County, all the way up to the top left of the entire Los Santos map. The destination of the Paleto Bay Facility means that players should try to avoid this one.

The facility is so far away from other destinations and objectives that the money saved by purchasing the cheapest one simply is not worth it. Players will spend more time driving to other locations than enjoying what the Facility has to offer.

7 Route 68 Facility

Cost: $2,312,500

Route 68 Facility

  • Location: Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County

Deep in the Grand Senora Desert, players can purchase the Route 68 Facility for $2,312,500. At first glance, the price does not justify the purchase. This area may be a country retreat, but considering the Route 68 Facility is entrenched in mountains and winding dirt roads, getting here and away from here is a burden.


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Route 68 is not a friendly location, and the labyrinth of roads is something that players should avoid, especially when the price range is so high-end, and does not justify that price at all, other than being a few miles closer to the city.

6 Land Act Reservoir Facility

Cost: $2,950,000

land act dam location in gta online

  • Location: Tataviam Mountains, Los Santos County

Despite being the most expensive Facility in GTA Online, that does not mean the Land Act Reservoir Facility is worth it. This Facility comes in at a huge price of $2,950,000. The only advantage of this facility is being able to splash the cash on the high-end things in GTA Online, but other than that, players are somewhat trapped in a location surrounded by high walls and water.

Navigating out of the Land Act Reservoir Facility can be a frustrating mission, as there aren’t many ways to get back into the city other than the winding roads. The fact that they are so close to the water means they are risking tumbling downhill and losing their vehicle and loot.

5 Zancudo River Facility

Cost: $2,100,000

zancudo river facility

  • Location: Zancudo River, Blaine County

Crossing another hurdle of a million dollars is the Zancudo River Facility, which is priced at $2,100,000. This location is extremely close to the river that runs through the marshes and the military base of Zancudo. It’s not a far drive from the Blaine County airstrip but is pretty far from everything else.

For such a high price, the Zancudo River Facility isn’t exactly worth it, especially when there are Facilities in GTA Online closer to airstrips, roads, and other locations. It may be a good spot for players that want to keep themselves quiet and away from the ruthless characters in the game.

4 Lago Zancudo Facility

Cost: $1,670,000

vehicle driving to Lago Zancudo Facility

  • Location: Lago Zancudo, Blaine County

The average price of $1,670,000 belongs to the Lago Zancudo Facility. It’s a very good Faciltiy to own, as, although it’s near the marshes in Los Santos, it’s far closer to the Fort Zancudo military base, meaning that players will have a much easier time stealing those fast military jets to get to where they want to go faster than one of the best cars in GTA Online.


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Navigating out of the Facility, players will have a relatively straight road to get back to the sprawling city of Los Santos. The city is always brimming with activity and griefer players, but in a militarized jet, that won’t be an issue for Lago Zancudo Facility owners.

3 Sandy Shores Facility

Cost: $2,740,000

avenger on Sandy Shores Facility

  • Location: Sandy Shores, Blaine County

Sandy Shores may not be the most comfortable location, but it’s certainly accessible. For players that want to buy everything in GTA Online, the Sandy Shores Facility certainly has perks, as it’s close to a Motorcycle Clubhouse, Apartment, and Bunker, even if this Sandy Shores Facility costs $2,740,000.

The high price is attributed to its ease of access, as this location has a neat surplus of activities around it. It’s also near the unstoppable train tracks, and main roads to drive back to the city in style, but for its high price, players have other options.

2 Grand Senora Desert Facility

Cost: $2,525,000

Grand Senora Desert Facility

  • Location: Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County

For players who enjoy the sky-high thrills of flight in helicopters and planes, the Grand Senora Desert Facility may be the best option for them. It’s located extremely close to the Sandy Shores runaway and has a high price of $2,525,000.

Even though the price is rather high, it’s worth it. The Sandy Shores airfield has plenty of free-flying vehicles that spawn, meaning that players can leave their Facility and take a quick jog up to the airfield to take a flying vehicle to their required destination with ease, it’s also fairly close to the main routes back to Los Santos.

1 RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility

Cost: $1,855,000

RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility

  • Location: San Chianski Mountain Range, Los Santos County

Supporters of the eco-friendly movement may enjoy the RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility the most, even with a price tag of $1,855,000. This location in Blaine County is right in the middle of the wind farm located near the desert, perfect for the best off-road vehicles in GTA Online. It’s a great location for deterring chasing helicopters and jets because of the difficulty of maneuvering between the unbeatable strength of the immovable wind turbines.

One of the aspects of the RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility that makes it a great Facility location in GTA Online is the fact that it is so close to one of the central roads that lead back into Los Santos and so cheap. From this distance, players will be back in the city in no time, with little hassle in getting to and from activities.