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Want to know about the Type Soul Shinigami weapons that you can wield in-game? The unique feature of these weapons is that some of them have multiple variants!

To learn more about the game, visit the official Roblox page. Prefer to play as a Quincy? No worries, as we’ve got a Type Soul Quincy Weapons guide for you!

Type Soul Shinigami Weapons

What makes Shinigami weapons difficult to decipher is the fact that some have multiple variants. This means you could have a certain weapon, but due to its appearance, you don’t know!

Legendary Weapons

The rarest weapons to obtain for Shinigami players.


This weapon has 3 variants so far, with one completely changing how it looks overall.

  • Variant 1: Looks like a foldable fan
  • Variant 2: A dagger with red detailing on the handle and a red circle above the blade
  • Variant 3: A steel blade with black detailing on the handle

Long Sword

The Critical move with this weapon pulls your enemy in whilst slicing forward and backwards. Both slices deal separate amounts of damage, and can even break your opponent’s guard.

  • Variant 1: An all-black blade
  • Variant 2: Has a black blade but a white handle with a black chain
  • Variant 3: A spiked blade with green details on the handle

Common Weapons

The most common weapons to obtain for Shinigami and Soul Reaper characters.

  • Brush
    • Looks like a paintbrush with no other variants
  • Greatsword
    • A large sword with a giant blade – it has 2 holes above the blade and a spear-like handle
  • Cutlass
    • A medium-length blade with a purple and blue handle
  • Dual Sword
    • Dual-wield 2 blades, with one being white, and the other being black
  • Hammer
    • A large hammer with spikes
  • Katana
  • Mace
    • A baseball bat-shaped weapon with spikes around it
  • Spear
    • A plain spear with white and green details
  • Scythe
    • A scythe with curved details, a white blade, and a green body
  • Twinblade
    • A literal double-edged sword, but more of a spear
    • There are sharp blades on each end of the the weapon
  • Fists
    • No weapons, just fists
    • Can only be used by Hakuda