Astra: Knights of Veda sees new musical collaboration with top K-pop stars ahead of global launch

  • Astra: Knights of Veda is an upcoming side-scrolling fantasy battler from developer Flint
  • The game will feature exclusive music from publisher Hybe’s lineup of famous k-pop artists
  • The latest of these collaborations ahs just been released, featuring Seungkwan and Lee Na Gyung

Astra: Knights of Veda, the upcoming fantasy side-scrolling combat RPG from Flint being published by Hybe IM is participating in yet another musical collaboration with top K-pop stars. Off the back of their previous promotional partnership where some of HYBE’s famous musical artists doing promo, there’s been new music exclusively recorded for the game, a music video and more.

Seungkwan, a member of the K-pop boy band Seventeen recorded an exclusive song for Astra: Knights of Veda’s soundtrack. Meanwhile, Lee Na Gyung of the girl group fromis_9 has starred in a tie-in music video, playing the role of the titular goddess Veda. Seventeen are set to make an appearance at the upcoming Glastonbury music festival in the UK later this year, which is sure to give their profile – and by extension Knights of Veda – an even bigger boost.

Can K-pop carry the day?

It’s unsurprising that, given HYBE is also a massive multinational entertainment group, that they’d leverage their famous K-pop musicians to promote Astra: Knights of Veda. But it’s still interesting from an outsider’s perspective, as you hardly see many music labels in the West do the same. Of course, we see celebrities promote games, but that’s usually stars like Jeff Goldblum or Pedro Pascal popping up in a series of adverts, not producing their own original content.

However, it’s certainly up for debate just how much this kind of promotional campaign will appeal to players outside of K-pop superfans and South Korean users who might be more aware of these artists. With Flint promising to deliver a mix of classic beat ’em-up combat and gorgeous graphics mixed with high-quality cutscenes, expectations are high.

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