ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth release date

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ARK Survival Ascended fans have had a pretty fantastic March so far. The Ark animated series has now hit Paramount Plus, and fans are raving about its high quality. And, if you thought the animated show was good, then you’ll be equally pleased to hear that the release date for when the ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth map will come out has not been delayed.

The ARK Survival Ascended roadmap for 2024 has been a bit of a mess. The game’s initial launch was delayed a few times across PC, Xbox, and PS5, and the release date for Center map was delayed back in February.

Unfortunately, there’s still no known timeframe for when the Center will come out. Although this is disappointing, the good news is that the Scorched Earth map release date is still intact with it less than a week away.

When does the ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth map come out?

The release date for when the ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth map will come out is March 31st. This has been reiterated again by Studio Wildcard in their Community Crunch 402 blog post uploaded on March 23rd.

It’s possible a delay could occur last-minute, but the community crunch blog post says ‘Scorched Earth will blast in on March 31st, and the rest of the roadmap is looking good’. Below is a reminder of what this year’s roadmap looks like:

  • Scorched Earth – March 31st 2024
  • The Center – delayed (was delayed from February 28th)
  • Aberration – July 2024
  • Ragnarok – September 2024
  • Extinction – October 2024
  • Surprise map – November 2024
  • Valguero – December 2024
  • Genesis – February 2025
  • Crystal Isles – April 2025
  • Genesis Part 2 – May 2025
  • Lost Island – August 2025
  • Fjordur – October 2025

ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth new dino

The new dino debuting with the release of the ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth map is the Fasolasuchus. This comes courtesy of Community Crunch 392.

Scorched Earth is a desert region, and Studio Wildcard says players must brace themselves for an ‘unforgiving desert where every oasis is a hard-won prize and every sandstorm a test of your grit’. The developer encourages you to ‘Don your rugged frontier leather chaps, customize your base with western-themed structures, and tame the ultimate desert steed: the Fasolasuchus’.

In addition to this description, Community Crunch 402 further says ‘Venture into the skies of Scorched Earth with Oasisaur zurzura, a colossal yet gravity-defying island reminiscent of mythical legends’ where ‘Beyond its sheer size and appetite for large vegetation, this airborne sanctuary cultivates life, with soil so fertile that it promises growth with minimal effort’.

Again, the release date is currently March 31st. For more ARK Survival Ascended news, check out our guide for how to download ‘cross-platform mods across PC, PS5, and Xbox. You can also find our beginner’s guide to easily taming dinosaurs.