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Found some Anime Roulette items but you have no idea what they’re used for? Scroll through this guide to find out what each item does, and if they can be used in crafting!

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Anime Roulette Items

You should always be on the lookout for items while exploring in the game! Some provide you with luck boosts, others reduce your cooldown time, and coins… well, give you coins.

Stand Arrow

You can find arrows by wandering around the map. This is easy enough to do if you enable auto-rolling! Arrows are scattered across the ground, and when using them, you get a hefty luck boost of 100%. This buff lasts a total of 30 seconds, which isn’t long, but is nice nonetheless!

Or, craft a Stand Arrow with 50 Hollow, 50 Titan, 50 Saibaman, and 50 Ghoul. You can also use Stand Arrows in some crafting recipes:

  • 15 Stand Arrows for Berserk
  • 15 Stand Arrows for a Requiem Arrow

Sukuna Finger

The Sukuna Finger, whilst creepy, provides a decent buff when used! The cooldown time between your rolls is decreased by 30 seconds. I recommend saving this item for when certain weather types are active.

This is because you can get a lot more rolls in to increase your chances of obtaining a rare aura. As of right now, there aren’t any crafting recipes that require a Sukuna Finger.


Finding a Coin on the ground rewards you with 25 coins that you can use in-game. Similarly to the Stand Arrow, the Coin is also a pretty common item to appear around the map. You need 100 coins in total to expand your aura storage space!

Dragon Balls

Using a Dragon Ball grants you a 200% luck increase that lasts a total of 5 minutes. You have a higher chance of finding Dragon Balls in the wild while the Snowy weather event is active. Like the series, every Dragon Ball has a certain number on it. Good luck finding one, as it has a 0.1% chance of appearing!

Recipes with Dragon Balls

  • 7 Dragon Balls for Dragon Radar
  • 7 Dragon Balls for Berserk
  • 7 Dragon Balls for Nimbus
  • 7 Dragon Balls for Requiem Arrow
  • 2 Dragon Balls for Scouter