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Before you pick up those Anime Roulette Quests, it’s best to know what comes next in the questline! The first quest may seem simple, but those later quests may prove a little more difficult.

Head over to the official Anime Roulette Roblox page to get started on these quests! To learn more about the game, have a gander at our Anime Roulette Rarest Auras guide, or our Anime Roulette Events guide that goes over the different weather types and event cycles.

Anime Roulette Quests

What’s the purpose of quests? They give you plenty of rewards, that’s why! Super Rolls, special items, and in-game cash will be sent your way upon completion.

Makima’s Quest

Part 1 of this questline is easy, the other two… not so much.

  • Quest 1
    • Get a total of 8 titles/auras by rolling
  • Quest 2
    • Roll 1 Rinnegan aura, with a 1 in 450,000 chance of appearing
    • Roll 2 Mangekyou auras, each with a 1 in 25,000 chance of dropping
  • Quest 3
    • Somehow manage to obtain the King of Curses aura, which is one of the rarest in Anime Roulette – it has a rarity of 1 in 27,500,000
      • Your best bet is to wait for the Culling Games weather event as this increases the drop rate chance of all Jujutsu Kaisen auras in-game

Nami’s Quest

Let’s get started on Nami’s quest! This questline features 3 quests in total, making it a fairly simple one. However, completing all 3 quests will take some time. You’ll see why!

  • Quest 1
    • For the first quest, you need to obtain the Yonko aura, which has a 1 in 7,000 drop rate chance
      • It’s not too difficult to obtain, but you may have to go through a lot of free Super Rolls and normal rolls
  • Quest 2
    • This is where it gets trickier, as you need to get the Black Beard aura, which has a 1 in 250,000 chance of dropping
      • Use items, luck buffs, and weather events to boost your luck!
  • Quest 3
    • If you thought Quest 2 was tough, then you’ll find this one even worse. With a 1 in 40,000,000 drop rate chance, you must obtain the Joy Boy aura to complete Nami’s questline