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Having to complete a tricky obby to gain access to the Anime Rarities Grimoires can take some work. So, use this guide to find out which grimoires you want to obtain beforehand!

Visit the official Anime Rarities Roblox page to try the obby out! We’ve also got an Anime Rarities Avatars guide that lists out each rarity and character in the game. Plus, an Anime Rarities Breathing Styles guide!

Anime Rarities Grimoires

Grimoires are equipable items that grant you buffs! However, to access Grimoires, you must complete the obby that leads to the Grimoire Tower. It seems simple at first, with a few yellow cloud platforms, and then a staircase. But, you soon realise that the staircase has invisible sections that you can’t spot, leading to your character falling into the ocean and resetting at spawn.

There’s a sign just before the obby that recommends you use the Dark Slime Wings. This pair of wings will take a short while to craft, as you need the Snakeman avatar (1 in 2.5K chance), a pair of Slime Wings, and 2 pairs of Demon Wings. The latter is crafted with a Gear 2nd avatar (1 in 1.25K chance) and a pair of Slime Wings.

Or, you can craft the Slime wings, which require 1 Power Gon avatar. After equipping the Slime Wings, you can make larger jumps, allowing you to get across each platform easily. This doesn’t fix the annoying invisible staircase issue though!

Obtainable Grimoires

To obtain Grimoires, you need to craft them! Crafting Grimoires can be done by visiting the Grimoire Tower, but you must also bring along the required recipe items. Many Grimoire crafting recipes include plenty of Coins, the previous Grimoire, and certain accessories.

Ground Grimoire

  • Grants you a +10% luck boost when you have it equipped
  • To obtain the Ground Grimoire, you need a total of 50K Coins

Food Grimoire

  • Gives you a +15% luck boost
  • Requires 100K Coins and 1 Ground Grimoire to craft

Spatial Grimoire

  • Equip this grimoire to get a 25% boost to your luck
  • To craft the Spatial Grimoire, you must have 100K Coins and 1 Food Grimoire

Fire Grimoire

  • Provides a +50% luck boost
  • You need 100K Coins, 1 Spatiel Grimoire, and 1 set of Lucky Glasses to craft this grimoire

Lucky Glasses are crafted with:

  • 60 Base Gloves
  • 10 Super Lucky Gloves
  • 40 Lucky Gloves

Wind Grimoire

  • You get 2 buffs with this grimoire! Your DMG is increased by +2 and your luck gets a 15% buff
  • You must have 150K Coins, Super Lucky Gloves, 2 Blue Gloves, and 1 Food Grimoire to craft

Super Lucky Gloves are crafted with:

  • 1 Bald Cape avatar
  • 1 Base Glove
  • 1 Gon avatar
  • 1 One Sword Style avatar

Craft Blue Gloves with:

Dark Grimoire

  • Get a 30% luck boost and a +5 to your DMG by equipping the Dark Grimoire
  • Craft the Dark Grimoire by collecting 200K Coins, 1 Spatial Grimoire, 2 Purple Gloves, and 3 Super Lucky Gloves (see the Wind Grimoire section for Super Lucky Gloves recipe!)

Craft Purple Gloves with:

  • 50K Coins
  • 1 Blue Glove
  • 5 Base Gloves

Devil Grimoire

  • The most powerful grimoire in the game at the moment, with a +50% luck boost and a +5 DMG increase
  • To craft the Devil Grimoire, you need 250K Coins, 1 Red Glove, and 1 Fire Grimoire

You can craft Red Gloves with:

  • 250K Coins
  • 1 Purple Glove
  • 10 Base Gloves