Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List – Best Fruit Ranked!

Image: XenoTy

Are you playing Legacy Piece but want to know is the best Fruit to use? Use our Legacy Piece Fruit tier list, and you’ll know the best one to use to decimate your enemies. If you’re like me, I want the best you can get; this tier list will help you!

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Best Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List

This guide categorizes the best Fruit in Legacy Piece Fruit, so you always know the best Fruit to use! The following Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List ranks all available Fruit into these tiers:

  • S-Tier: OP
  • A-Tier: Best
  • B-Tier: Good

Best Fruit in Legacy Piece

Legacy Piece S-Tier Fruit

Legacy Piece A-Tier Fruit

Legacy Piece B-Tier Fruit

Best Legacy Piece Demonfruit Abilities


  • R – Flame Pillar
  • T – Flame Flight
  • V – Saint Elmo’s Fire
  • C – Dai Enkai: Entei
  • X – Fire Fist
  • Z – Fire Flies


  • E – Ice Stomp
  • B – Ice Age
  • V – Ice Clone
  • C – Pheasant Beak
  • X – Ice Bike
  • Z – Ice Partisan


  • R – Paw Voyage
  • T – Ursus Shock
  • V – Bear Shield
  • C – Rejuvenating Paw
  • X – Tsuppari Pad Ho
  • Z – Pad Ho

Legacy Piece Tier List FAQ

How do the Tiers Work?

Our tiers are ranked from best to worst and assess the overall usefulness of the ability.

  • S-Tier: These are the best-of-the-best and likely overpowered. If you get one of these, you should keep it and not change anything.
  • A-Tier: These are outstanding performers and would be a great addition to your character. Due to the rarity of an S-Tier, it might be better to just hold onto one of these because the other ones are so hard to get.
  • B-Tier: Can be good for a while, but you will likely want to upgrade these at some point.
  • C-Tier: While not great it at least functions as somewhat of an improvement to your character.
  • D-Tier: Worst of the worst and provides no benefit. Should be spun away as soon as possible.

How were the Rankings Decided?

When creating our tier lists, we strive to gather information from a variety of sources. Although our gameplay experience serves as one reference point, our primary goal is to create comprehensive lists that cater to a wide range of playstyles. To achieve this, we also consider the rankings and opinions of other players in the game community.

When is the Legacy Piece Tier List Updated?

Our team is committed to keeping the list current by regularly revising it to reflect new releases and balance changes. Therefore, we highly recommend that you check back periodically to stay updated with the latest rankings.