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The Anime Last Stand Gojo unit is highly sought-after, especially for Jujutsu Kaisen fans! Use him alongside the Curse King (Sukuna) unit for the ultimate JJK Roblox experience.

Anime Last Stand is a tower defense Roblox game that features a wide range of units to collect. What are these units, you ask? Anime characters! Yep, every unit in the game is based on an anime character from your favourite franchises. Obtain the strongest units in the game and place them in your defenses, as they wield their unique traits and techniques against your opponents.

To learn more about Anime Last Stand, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. For more information about the other units, have a read of our Anime Last Stand Units guide.

Anime Last Stand Gojo

What’s Gojo doing here? The Six Eyes sorcerer is arguably one of the best units in the game right now.

How to Obtain Gojo in Anime Last Stand

Firstly, Gojo’s name in Anime Last Stand is “Strongest Sorcerer”, which makes sense if you’re familiar with the Jujutsu Kaisen series! Unfortunately for you, he’s a Mythic unit in this game. This means he’s pretty rare to obtain, with an overall drop rate chance of 0.5% – yikes.

If you manage to obtain Gojo, make sure to equip him with a technique as soon as possible to boost his stats and abilities. Preferably, you should use a higher rarity technique if you manage to get one from the technique rolls!

The Strongest Sorcerer

The unit comes with the Stun status effect, which when used, stuns your target for a total of 2.5 seconds. Check out our Anime Last Stand Status Effects guide to learn more about this feature! This results in the enemy standing stationary for this period of time, allowing you to get plenty of attacks in before they become mobile again. Remember that the stronger he is (especially if you equip him with a strong technique), the more he costs to place on the battlefield!

I would say it’s worth the price, but you need to be a little more tactical about it so you don’t blow through your cash during a level. I found that the All Seeing technique works brilliantly with Gojo’s stats, so if you can, try to get that one. This technique gives the unit: +15% DMG, +35% Critical Hit Chance, +55% Range, and +80% Critical Hit DMG!