Go Lick The World Is a Mobile Clicker with Current Affairs in its Sights


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Go Lick The World is quite a strange name for a mobile game.

What makes this name even stranger is that it’s a direct quote from a speech by none other than President Joe Biden.

Surreal entertainment is increasingly in competition with cold hard reality when it comes to weirdness, and Go Lick The World, from developer Pixel Play, is entertainment’s latest attempt to keep up.

Gameplay-wise, Go Lick The World is a simple, casual clicker that sees you licking the world as quickly as possible.

The world in question is a rotating 3D model of planet earth, and to make life easier you should probably tap it with your finger instead of licking it with your tongue.

Tapping the world nets you points, and you can accelerate the process of leaderboard domination in a number of ways.

Taking out LickLink satellites (oddly reminiscent of Elon Musk’s Starlink), as well as gaining Licktastic achievements such as Taste Buds (oddly reminiscent of a certain iconic US beer brand) and ice creams.

There are point boosters to claim, too. These come in the form of F35 jets, Red Electric Cars (another Musk reference!), and “Lick Force One”, an aerial vehicle that might just remind you of Air Force One.

Some of these orbiting items get swapped in and out every day. Mondays are for Impeach-Mints, Tuesdays are for tacos, and at least one day every week you’ll be able to hunt down pizza slices, invoking the memory of pizzagate.

Look beyond these low orbit curiosities meanwhile and you’ll spot landmarks like the White House, Antarctica, and a poo-smeared version of San Francisco.

If that wasn’t enough there are also several Earth skins you can earn by watching rewarded ads. These include a clown world face, trucker hats, an Uncle Sam patriotic hat, and a cowboy hat – with a ‘great debate update’ promising to add a special, prominent figure’s famous hair too. We wonder…

Go Lick The World is free to download, though it offers you the chance to blitz ads, recruit an auto-tap mechanism (“LickGPT”), and acquire a blue tick (more Musk!) by forking out for IAPs.

Head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to get licking.