September 25, 2023

Lies of P is a soulslike game, so be prepared to die a lot, but you learn the ins and outs of how to survive against murderous puppets. Like many games like Lies of P, descriptions of what stats mean are vague at best and may only show a handful of what each stat and ability means.

In this guide, I’ll go through all the stats in Lies of P and explain what they mean. There are a lot more stats beyond Vitality, Vigor, Capacity, Motivity, Technique, and Advance.

Lies of P All Stats Explained

All stats of Lies of P can be split up into four different categories: Default Attributes, Common Abilities, Weapon Attack/Legion Attack Abilities, and DEF/Damage Reduction Rate/ Resistance. Below, we’ll break down the stats and attributes in each section to help you understand each one.

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Lies of P Default Abilities

Default Abilities in Lies of P are your bread and butter. These are the main six stats that you’ll deal with as you progress through the dark side of Pinnochio’s world. Each ability is important, as these are the main core of your Lies of P builds. Each time you level up, you’ll increase one or many of these six stats.


Boosting your Vitality enhances two abilities in Lies of P: your Health and Guard Regain. It’s crucial to maintain a high Vitality level as this ensures Pinnochio has more health. The higher your health, the more attacks you can withstand; against bosses, you might even endure more than a few hits.

Guard Regain is equally important, as this number represents how much health is taken off you when you guard against attacks and how much health you can get back as you attack. The higher the number, the less health is taken off, and the more you regain while attacking, making it worthwhile to attempt to perfect block everything that comes your way. The lower your Guard Regain, the more damage you’ll take while blocking, so instead, it may be worth focusing on dodging rather than blocking.


Vigor solely affects your Stamina. A higher Stamina allows for extended sprints and longer attack combos. This becomes vital when you aim to overwhelm foes with continuous or multiple strikes.

The weight of the weapon is a deciding factor in how much stamina is drained via each attack. Greatswords use more stamina than a Dagger while attacking. If you’re using a Greatswords, stamina isn’t as vital as it would be for Daggers because of how long the attack animation is.


Increasing your Capacity boosts both your Weight stat and your Legion. Weapons such as Greatswords and top-tier defense gear tend to be weighty, most game builds will significantly benefit from an augmented Capacity. It’s essential to ensure your equipment weight remains below 60% of your maximum Weight to preserve Stamina and maintain a decent movement pace. Anything higher than 60% you’ll become slightly heavy, and anything about 70% will be heavy. Both of these cause you to be slower and will use up more stamina when attacking and sprinting.


Motivity is among the trio of stats influencing your attack power. Weapons, such as the Noblesse Oblige, scale with Motivity. The higher the scaling, in this case, A is best, the more damage you’ll cause. You always want to pay attention to the Motivity of a weapon, as it greatly affects your build. Motivity typically aligns with bulkier, slower weapons, but it may entirely depend on the handle being used, not the blade. Consider Motivity as this LIes if P’s equivalent to the Strength stat in other games.


Technique also falls under the three stats determining your attack prowess. Weapons, such as the Etiquette, scale with Technique. The higher the scaling, in this case, A is best, the more damage you’ll cause. Always pay attention to the scaling of every weapon you pick up, as you do not want to use a weapon with a Technique scaling of C. Technique weapons are generally switch and lightweight, such as Daggers and swords. Technique is this Lies of P’s equivalent to the Dexterity stat in other titles.


Advance, like Motivity and Technique, affects a weapon’s damage potential. The Advance stat caters to the elemental charge of the weapon; for example, the Electric Coil Stick releases a powerful electric current when hitting its target. Having a higher Advance stat increases the elemental damage done by these weapons. Boosting Advance also augments Legion, enabling more frequent use of your Legion Arms before a refill is necessary.

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Lies of P Common Abilities

Lies Of P Common Abilities

Like Default Abilities, there are six stats, and these stats are vastly altered by the Default Abilities. For example, putting level-ups into Vitality will increase the HP attribute only.


HP, or health points, decreases when you take damage. If your HP reaches zero, you’ll die and respawn at the most recent Stargazer you visited. The higher your HP, the more chances you have of surviving against the puppet onslaught, especially bosses.


Stamina is how far you can sprint, dodging, and how long you can combo with weapons. Stamina will decrease rapidly while sprinting, dodging, and attacking with weapons; every swing or thrust decreases your stamina gauge. It will be regained when not using it. The more stamina you have the longer you can sprint, the more times you can dodge in succession, etc.


Your weight determines how quickly you move, regain stamina, and fight in Lies of P. This is shown as a pair of figures – the initial one represents the combined weight of your gear, while the latter indicates your weight limit.

When your weight percentage is under 60%, you’ll suffer no effects at all. Stamina will regain normally. If you go above 60%, you’ll become Slightly Heavy, and your stamina will start to become impaired; you’ll run slower, attack slower, and stamina regain slower.

If you go above 80%, you’ll become Heavy. All negative effects above will be increased, and your screen will shake every time you dodge.

If you manage to get to 100%, you’ll become Very Heavy. At this point, you’ll no longer be able to run, your dodges will be painfully slow, and you’ll barely be able to lift your weapon to attack. Lies of P becomes pretty unplayable at this point.

Fable Slot

Fable Slots enable the activation of Fable Arts, which are linked to your weapons. All Fable arts are different; some will only use up one Fable Slot, while others need all three Fable Slots to be full before they can be used. You can get additional Fable Slots via P-Organ enhancements.

Guard Regain

Guard Regain indicates the health you can recover by counterattacking foes after guarding against their attacks. If you look at your health bar after blocking, you’ll notice a greyish highlight. When this highlight is present, it means that if you counterattack the enemy, you can recover your health. A higher Guard Regain stat means you recover more health while attacking. This is important, as over time, this Guard Regain will diminish, or if you get hit while you have a grey highlight, all those highlights will

Lies of P Weapon Attack Abilities

This section is fairly straightforward. Three things will be shown here: max, your two equipped weapons, and your legion arm.

Weapon Attack Abilities

  • [I] Physical ATK—This is how much damage your first equipped weapon does.
  • [II] Physical ATK—This is how much damage your second equipped weapon does.

Legion Arm Attack Abilities

  • [I] Physical ATK—This is how much damage your legion arm does.

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Lies of P DEF / Damage Reduction Rate / Resistance

Lies Of P Def Damage Reduction Rate Resistance
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The higher your Physical resistance, the less Physical damage you will take.


The higher your Fire resistance, the less Fire damage you will take.

Electric Blitz

The higher your Electric Blitz resistance, the less Electric Blitz damage you will take.


The higher your Acid resistance, the less Acid damage you will take.


When Disruption builds up and gets full, your character will automatically die. The more Disruption resistance you have, the longer the gauge will take to become full. This is akin to Frenzy in Bloodborne if you do not have more than 250 +3% max health.


Shock decreases your stamina recovery. The more Shock resistance you have, the longer the gauge will take to become full.


Break decreases how much heath you restore from Pulse Cells. The more Break resistance you have, the longer the gauge will take to become full.


The higher your Slash resistance, the less Slash damage you will take.


The higher your strike resistance, the less Strike damage you will take.


The higher your Pierce resistance, the less Pierce damage you will take.


When Corruption occurs, your HP (Health) will continuously drain. This is akin to poison and Toxin in Dark Souls. You’ll encounter this at the Workshop Union, outside against the Puppet of the Future.


Overheat occurs when fire damage is inflicted on you. Once it has built up fully, you will take increased Fire Damage and take continuous fire damage. Along with that, your Guard Regain recovery amount will decrease.


Decay occurs when too much Acid damage has occurred. Once Decay has built up enough, you’ll take increased Acid damage, as well as continuous Weapon Durability and Acid damage.

Electric Shock

Electric Shock occurs when too much Electric Blitz damage builds up. When the Electric Shock bar is full, you’ll take increased Electric Blitz damage and Physical damage. Your Fable Slots will also take damage and begin to drain.

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