All NPC likes and favorite gifts

There’s a hidden relationship mechanic in Dragon’s Dogma 2 where you can raise Affinity with major characters and random NPCs alike, even romancing some of them if you manage to strengthen your bond enough.

The Affinity system is obtuse and hard to understand without a guide just like it was in the first game, but the general idea still remains the same. If you want someone to like you, you have to do their quests and shower them with gifts. Every NPC has different tastes though, so you’ll want to give that special someone something they like instead of something they hate.

How to Give Gifts in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To give a gift to an NPC in Dragon’s Dogma 2, just hold the O/B button on PlayStation/Xbox to talk to them. While they’re speaking, press the Square/X button to open the gift menu. You can repeat this as many times as you like and give anything in your inventory to the person you’re talking to. Make sure to give them something nice, though, otherwise your Affinity score could go down as a result.

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Some gifts, like a Bunch of Flowers, will raise your Affinity score with a person no matter what their tastes are. These items are rare, so make sure to hang onto them and wait for the right person if you find any. Remember that items can decay in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as well, so that Bunch of Flowers could turn into Dried Flowers sooner than you think.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Item Types Explained

Each item in Dragon’s Dogma 2 falls into a certain category that will determine if an NPC likes it or not. Generally, these categories can be broken down into a handful of item types.

  • Adorable: Fruits and Flowers
  • Beautiful: Flowers and Ore
  • Expensive: Gemstones and Valuables
  • Fancy: Rare Potions, Uncommon Monster Drops, and Spellbooks
  • Interesting: Weapons, Armor, and Monster Drops
  • Rare: Uncommon Monster Drops

Here are some specific examples of gifts that fit each category.

Category Item Examples
Adorable Apple, Cranberry, Fig, Quince, Sunbloom, Golden Trove Beetle
Beautiful Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Copperstone, Southron Iron
Expensive Gold Ore, Fuligin Ore, Dappled Ore, Copperstone, Southron Iron, Panacea, Parching Concoction
Fancy Fulgurous Lord, Hiemal Euphony, Thunderous Concord, Emergent Vitality, Allheal Elixir, Magick Medal, Ogre Talon, Ogre Spur, Griffin Pinion, Great Griffin Claw, Camping Kits
Interesting Small Fang, Monster Fang, Redwolf Fang, Monster Hide, Asp Toxiscale, Rattler Rockscale, Knacker Horn, Goblin Horn, Ogre Talon, Ogre Spur, Harpy Pinion, Poison Pinion, Putrid Gold Tooth, Jasper, Onyx, Tiger Eye, Weapons, Armor
Rare Wakestone Shard, Wyrmslife Crystal, Misshapen Eye, Magick Medal, Great Griffin Claw, Griffin Pinion, Spurious Wing

All NPC Likes and Dislikes in Dragon’s Dogma 2

NPC Location Liked Item Types
Abba Flamebearer Palace Beautiful, Fancy
Abel Harve Interesting, Expensive
Abraham Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Accardo Borderwatch Outpost Fancy, Expensive
Achille Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Adelina Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Adib Bakbattahl Interesting, Expensive
Adrea Bakbattahl Expensive, Rare
Agathe Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Aimee Vernworth Adorable, Expensive
Akheem Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Albert Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Alessa Always on the move Expensive, Rare
Alex Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Alexander Vernworth Ineresting, Fancy
Alexandra Bakbattahl Beautiful, Fancy
Allard Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Angus Always on the move Interesting, Fancy
Anthony Borderwatch Outpost Interesting, Fancy
Ariadne Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Audra Always on the move Adorable, Beautiful
Auriol Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Barton Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Benedict Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Benton Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Bermudo Always on the move Interesting, Fancy
Bernall Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Bernstein Harve Interesting, Fancy
Bjorn Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Blythe Always on the move Interesting, Fancy
Brandon Borderwatch Outpost Interesting, Fancy
Brant Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Brenda Vernworth Beautiful, Expensive
Burnns Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Canabella Nameless Village Expensive, Rare
Celica Always on the move Beautiful, Fancy
Celina Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Chandler Harve Interesting, Fancy
Charley Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Clovis Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Cragg Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Dahlia Borderwatch Outpost Beautiful, Fancy
Dajiel Melve Interesting, Expensive
Damien Borderwatch Outpost Interesting, Fancy
Daphne Vernworth Adorable, Expensive
Dean Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Delphin Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Diana Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Disa Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Dominigo Always on the move Interesting, Fancy
Donald Always on the move Beautiful, Fancy
Donovan Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Dudley Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Dulles Always on the move Beautiful, Fancy
Dylan Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Edda Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Elena Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Emoa Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Enrique Borderwatch Outpost Interesting, Fancy
Eternna Vernworth Beautiful, Expensive
Elyre Nameless Village Adorable, Beautiful
Feith Nameless Village Beautiful, Fancy
Felix Always on the move Interesting, Expensive
Fiachra Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Fiska Excavation Site Interesting, Expensive
Flaude Nameless Village Expensive, Rare
Flora Vernworth Adorable, Expensive
Frantz Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Frio Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Fyoran Harve Interesting, Fancy
Gallad Always on the move Interesting, Fancy
Gargant Always on the move Interesting, Fancy
Garrett Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
George Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Gideon Always on the move Interesting, Fancy
Glenna Vernworth Beautiful, Expensive
Glyndwr Sacred Arbor Beautiful, Fancy
Godric Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Gregor Borderwatch Outpost Interesting, Fancy
Gustavo Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Gwen Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Harvey Vernworth Fancy, Expensive
Haymish Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Herald Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Hilda Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Hollis Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Ian Melve Beautiful, Fancy
Imelda Melve Beautiful,Fancy
Irena Vernwoth Adorable,Expensive
Jak Vernworth Beautiful,Fancy
James Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Jehan Checkpoint Rest Town Interesting, Fancy
Jenniferr Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Jessika Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Jho Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Jimmi Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Joel Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Johannes Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Jonas Harve Expensive, Rare
Jonathan Melve Interesting, Expensive
Jose Borderwatch Outpost Interesting, Expensive
Josephine Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Joshua Borderwatch Outpost Beautiful, Fancy
Justinn Borderwatch Outpost Interesting, Fancy
Kassandra Borderwatch Outpost Beautiful, Fancy
Keltse Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Kendrick Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Kinno Always on the move Adorable, Beautiful
Klark Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Klaus Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Kurtis Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Landar Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Lawrence Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Lennart Melve Interesting, Expensive
Lepak Nameless Village Fancy, Expensive
Levram Nameless Village Interesting, Fancy
Lindsay Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Liotte Borderwatch Outpost Interesting, Fancy
Litra Nameless Village Adorable, Expensive
Lottie Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Lubomir Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Malcolm Vernworth Fancy, Expensive
Manna Nameless Village Beautiful, Fancy
Margaret Vernworth Adorable, Expensive
Margit Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Margot Borderwatch Outpost Beautiful, Fancy
Margus Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Marielle Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Mariette Always on the move Beautiful, Fancy
Marjory Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Martin Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Mia Melve Beautiful, Fancy
Midna Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Mildred Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Missha Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Mondaine Nameless Village Expensive, Rare
Monet Vernworth Beautiful, Expensive
Monika Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Mosse Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Narrouga Always on the move Beautiful, Fancy
Niann Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Nikk Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Nirvane Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Norbert Melve Beautiful, Fancy
Norman Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Oskar Checkpoint Rest Town Beautiful, Fancy
Oswald Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Otto Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Outena Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Paola Always on the move Beautiful, Fancy
Pate Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Phaesus Flamebearer Palace Interesting, Fancy
Philbert Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Phill Borderwatch Outpost Beautiful, Fancy
Phillippe Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Preston Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Rachel Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Raul Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Rebekka Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Renton Always on the move Adorable, Beautiful
Richard Harve Interesting, Fancy
Rick Vernworth Fancy, Expensive
Ritton Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Rivage Elder Harve Expensive, Rare
Robert Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Roddie Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Roderick Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Romule Nameless Village Beautiful, Fancy
Rosy Nameless Village Beautiful, Fancy
Rowan Always on the move Interesting, Fancy
Runne Melve Interesting, Fancy
Ryuka Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Sachatt Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Salvatore Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Sanchen Always on the move Beautiful, Fancy
Sandra Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Scarlett Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Sebastian Vernworth Fancy, Expensive
Segnyth Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Serra Vernworth Adorable, Expensive
Shakir Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Shellie Borderwatch Outpost Beautiful, Expensive
Siegvalt Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Sigurd Harve Interesting, Fancy
Silas Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Siobhan Always on the move Adorable, Beautiful
Sonia Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Srail Nameless Village Fancy, Rare
Stanley Melve Beautful, Rare
Stephen Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Sven Vernworth Fancy, Expensive
Talib Vernworth Beautifull, Fancy
Tarkoff Borderwatch Outpost Interesting, Fancy
Thed Vernworth Fancy, Expensive
Thom Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Thurston Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Todd Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Torg Nameless Village Expensive, Rare
Tristan Melve Interesting, Fancy
Ulrika Melve Adorable, Beautiful
Ursula Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Vanessa Melve Beautiful, Fancy
Veronika Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Vinse Melve Interesting, Fancy
Viola Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Vlasiy Vernworth Interesting, Expensive
Waldhar Vernworth Expensive, Rare
Walter Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Warrick Borderwatch Outpost Beautiful, Fancy
Wendy Nameless Village Adorable, Beautiful
Wilhelmina Vernworth Adorable, Beautiful
Willard Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Zeltas Nameless Village Beautiful, Fancy
Zennan Vernworth Interesting, Fancy
Zettra Vernworth Beautiful, Fancy
Zoran Harve Interesting, Fancy

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