Aerosoft and Crenetic to bring Emergency Call 112 – The Attack Squad to mobile

  • Emergency Call 112 is a long-running fire-fighting simulation franchise
  • And now it’s making the jump to mobile as studios Aerosoft and Crenetic renew their partnership
  • The game tasks you to deal with everything from minor domestic fires to multi-storey blazes

Aerosoft and Crenetic, a pair of studios specialising in simulation experiences and behind the Emergency Call 112 franchise have renewed their partnership and more importantly for usthey’ve also announced that Emergency Call 112 – The Attack Squad, will be making the jump to mobile soon! Although details are scant on an exact release date, we can be sure that the game is coming to iOS as a Mac release is on the cards.

Putting you in the shoes of a veteran firefighter crew, Emergency Call 112 was previously released for consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It simulates everything from the day-to-day management of a firehouse, to rescuing civilians and tackling all kinds of fires ranging from simple domestic accidents to massive multi-storey blazes. And pretty soon you’ll be able to take on your own emergencies in the palm of your hand!

Fire in the disco

While it’s early days yet for Emergency Call 112 to come to mobile, it’s not unusual for simulators to make the jump. For example, Construction Simulator has made its mark on mobile more than a few times. But it also shows the recognition that there is a huge audience on mobile hungry for a deep simulation experience that games like Emergency Call 112 can provide. We’ll be keeping an eye on this upcoming title closely, to see what changes, if anything, when it comes to mobile and how exactly it holds up.

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