Amikin Survival: Anime RPG is now available on Android and iOS

  • Palworld-like RPG from developers of Westland Survival
  • Collect different Amikins and build a powerful squad
  • Fortify your shelter and take on anything that comes your way

HelioGames has just announced the release of their latest title, Amikin Survival: Anime RPG. After being in the pre-registration phase for the last few weeks, the title has finally hit the Android and iOS stores and promises to bring a fresh survival-crafting game combined with creature collection mechanics. Start your survivor’s journey today and build a life in an open-world adventure brimming with stories, quests, and a sprinkle of humour.

In Amikin Survival, you venture out into the wilds on a quest for Amikins – mystical creatures with unparalleled powers and adorable personalities. They are extremely loyal and having them by your side is crucial for your success. On top of that, these creatures also add a splash of colour to your quests, making your journey even more exciting.

Everything takes place from your home base, which begins as a simple shelter. As you progress, you can turn it into a humongous command centre which can be controlled by the Amikins. They can aid in various tasks such as building and automation. These adorable Amikins are sure to make your hub feel more like a home.

The Amikins themselves can be enhanced and made stronger. Similar ones can be merged together to boost their skills and you can breed powerful lines so that the offspring inherit all the top-tier traits. Strategic upgrading will ensure that you create a powerful squad of Amikins that can battle in every situation.

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As for the world of Amikin Survival, it’s a massive one filled with a number of secrets. The expansive lands are full of sci-fi and fantasy elements as technology and magic from different realms are combined in this region. You’re in for quite the adventure as you dive deeper into the storyline.

If this concept interests you, download Amikin Survival now for free. You can also visit the official website for more information.