A New SOCOM Game Could Be in The Works


  • A “SOCOM 111” mention was spotted in one actor’s resume, suggesting that another SOCOM game might be in the works.
  • While it’s possible that the name of the project is a misspelled reference to SOCOM 3, the said actor isn’t actually credited on that game.
  • Even if SOCOM 111 was indeed planned to be a new entry in the long-dormant series, there is a chance that the project is no longer in development.

Another entry in the SOCOM franchise might be in the works, with a mention of one such possible project recently being spotted in one actor’s resume. However, that evidence appears shaky at best, in part because the said actor had passed away some time ago.

The latest entry in the celebrated series of tactical shooters was released in the form SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs, a PS3 exclusive which hit the market in April 2011. Less than a year later, Sony decided to shutter Zipper Interactive, its Redmond-based subsidiary that was in charge of the majority of the franchise, including its original 2002 entry.


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And while the series has long been dormant, a mention of another potential installment has recently surfaced online, having been spotted in the online resume of late actor David Veach. The listing, uncovered by Reddit user KekanKok, states that Veach contributed motion capture work on a Sony project called SOCOM 111. Though this could suggest another series entry is in the works, it may also be a simple typo, as the resume may be referring to SOCOM 3, which Sony’s marketing sometimes stylized as SOCOM III.

On the other hand, Veach isn’t among the 558 people listed under SOCOM 3 credits. If that game and SOCOM 111 are truly one and the same, one would expect the actor to have been credited for his contribution, not least because his resume states that he was a “co-star” on the project. At the same time, even if SOCOM 111 was indeed meant to be a new entry in the franchise, there is a chance that it is no longer in active development; while motion capture work is usually recorded fairly early on in any given project, Veach’s involvement in SOCOM 111 had to have happened years ago, as the Seattle-born actor passed away in January 2022.

David Veach Actor Access Resume Socom 111 Motion Capture Work

Since modern AAA game dev cycles are about five years long nowadays, a title that had its mo-cap work done in 2021 or before would have a good chance of being announced by April 2024. However, there have been no recent indications that Sony could be rebooting the SOCOM franchise. Game Rant was unable to find a cached version of Veach’s CV that would help determine when exactly the SOCOM 111 mention was added to it, thus narrowing down the mysterious project’s timeline.

Regardless, given the overall circumstances surrounding this leak, treating it as a firm signal that another SOCOM game is on the horizon would be optimistic, at best. Though there have been some rumors of a PS5-exclusive SOCOM game in the past, the last of such rumblings died down in the second half of 2020.

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April 19, 2011

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