MLB The Show 24 Releases Update 1.04


  • MLB The Show 24 update 1.04 fixes game crashes, adds Philadelphia Phillies City Connect jerseys, and enhances fonts for better legibility.
  • The patch addresses freezing issues in various game modes, including Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, and Franchise, providing relief to frustrated players.
  • Developer also actively listened to player feedback, making adjustments like tweaking pitcher Matt Waldron’s knuckleball to improve gameplay experience.

The latest update, version 1.04, has arrived for MLB The Show 24, the most recent installment of the annual baseball simulation series from San Diego Studio, released on March 19. This latest update for MLB The Show 24 brings various improvements by fixing bugs and has added Philadelphia Phillies City Connect jerseys.

While many fans eagerly awaited the release of MLB The Show 24, anticipating updated rosters, cleaner graphics, and changes to game modes, the reality of post-launch bugs became apparent, which is a common occurrence in the gaming realm. Almost immediately following its release, a flurry of reports flooded online forums, echoing the frustrations of players, particularly those on the Switch platform, who found themselves grappling with frequent game crashes. The Switch version appeared to struggle, particularly with MLB The Show 24‘s Diamond Dynasty, one of the game’s most popular modes.


MLB The Show 24: Best Pitches To Use

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On April 6, an update was rolled out for MLB The Show 24, focusing on various enhancements and bug fixes across various game modes. Notable additions included the introduction of Philadelphia Phillies City Connect jerseys and the resolution of freezing issues in head-to-head and co-op modes. Additionally, adjustments were made to fonts for better legibility, and the ability to call time as a batter was temporarily disabled in online games due to ongoing investigations into freeze-causing issues. In MLB The Show 24‘s Diamond Dynasty mode, a crash occurring during team drafting in the Battle Royale mode was fixed.

MLB The Show 24‘s Road To The Show mode saw improvements in player lock cameras, and Franchise mode received additions such as help screen information for the Prospective Promotion Incentive (PPI) screen and fixes for progression-related issues. March to October mode addressed a visual bug, and various presentation updates and bug fixes were implemented in Storylines mode. Undoubtedly, this patch signifies a welcome development. It is good to see developers actively addressing issues in MLB The Show 24, providing relief to frustrated players, and demonstrating their ongoing commitment to refining and optimizing the game for its audience.

While discussing MLB The Show 24‘s updates, it’s important to mention a change made to pitcher Matt Waldron from the San Diego Padres in a previous update. Players found it hard to hit against Waldron in the game, and some felt he was making things less fun. To address this, San Diego Studio increased the velocity of Waldron’s knuckleball and slightly reduced its curve, making it easier to hit.

MLB The Show 24 Update 1.04 Patch Notes


  • Philadelphia Phillies City Connect jerseys have been added.
  • Fixed multiple freezes across head-to-head and co-op modes.
  • Updated certain fonts with bolder versions and adjusted font colors to improve text legibility on multiple screens.
  • We’ve temporarily disabled the ability to call time as a batter to further investigate an issue that could cause a freeze in online 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 games.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a user navigated away from the Battle Royale lineup screen while drafting their team.


  • Real 99 players can no longer be selected when drafting a team.


  • Improved the player lock cameras for better visibility and functionality during fielding and baserunning actions.
  • Various presentation and closed captioning updates and bug fixes.


  • Added help screen information to the Prospective Promotion Incentive (PPI) screen in Franchise.
  • Fixed an issue where the user could become stuck after advancing season(s) with GM tasks on manual, not signing players in the offseason, then changing tasks to auto in Franchise.


  • Fixed a visual bug where games boosted by team momentum lost the fire icon when ‘trade offer’ screen appeared.


  • Various presentation updates and bug fixes.


  • There are no gameplay or live content balance changes at this time.

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