ISIS makes ‘lone wolves’ threat to Paris 2024 Olympics with chilling mock-up of Eiffel Tower being attacked by drone – The US Sun

ISLAMIC terror outfit ISIS has threatened chilling attacks on the upcoming Paris Olympics in an appalling poster message.

The death cult posted a propaganda image showing one of its terrorists seemingly flying an “armed drone” to attack the iconic Eiffel Tower.


The terrifying poster was the latest threat made against the Paris OlympicsCredit: raud
The chilling propaganda poster was released by ISIS


The chilling propaganda poster was released by ISIS
French police officers stand guard, near the Olympic rings which are displayed for the Paris 2024 Summer Games


French police officers stand guard, near the Olympic rings which are displayed for the Paris 2024 Summer GamesCredit: Reuters

The poster, pushed by ISIS-linked social media channels, was captioned: “Lone wolves’ Olympics have begun with the Will of Allah.”

The chilling threat vaguely indicates there could be attempts to carry out lone-wolf-style terror attacks across Paris amid the upcoming games.

France is already on high alert amid a slew of vile threats made by Islamic terror outfits.

Just a few days ago, French counter-terror cops foiled a plot for an “Islamist-inspired” attack which was planned for during the Olympic Games.

The country’s domestic intelligence agency arrested 18-year-old Rokhman B. who is suspected of organising an attack on a football game in Lyon.

The Chechen immigrant to France is said to have wanted to disrupt games planned in Saint-Étienne, a city in the east of the country, and “die a martyr” by killing spectators or police officers.

France’s interior ministry said he had been detained for “actively preparing an attack against the Geoffroy Guichard stadium [in Saint-Etienne] during the football games that will take place there.”

An investigating source said: “His first attack has been foiled.

“He is currently in custody and being linked to Islamist groups.”

The teenager was not known to the police and had moved to France with his family from Russia only last year.

He is believed to have already carried out reconnaissance on stadiums with police finding videos and pictures on his phone and laptop in support of ISIS.

During a search, anti-terror cops found a photo of the Saint-Étienne stadium on a computer, as well as videos.

Six football matches from the men’s and women’s tournaments are set to take place at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in Saint-Étienne between July 24 and 31 as part of the Olympics.

Paris Olympics chief promised a ring of steel at the opening ceremony amid fears it may have to be moved due to terror threats.

Cops found pics of the Saint-Étienne stadium in France inside a terror suspect's phone


Cops found pics of the Saint-Étienne stadium in France inside a terror suspect’s phoneCredit: Alamy
A French police officer holds an HK G36 assault rifle as he stands guard near the Gambetta High School in Arras, northeastern France


A French police officer holds an HK G36 assault rifle as he stands guard near the Gambetta High School in Arras, northeastern FranceCredit: AFP

Tony Estanguet insisted that “security is the priority” to ensure the safety of 15 million fans and more than 10,000 athletes.

But the July 26 ceremony along the River Seine — the first not held in a stadium — has already been scaled back from 600,000 spectators to 300,000.

The 10,500 athletes from 203 nations will take to boats on the Seine, watched by one billion globally.

There will be 30,000 police, 15,000 soldiers and 22,000 security guards on duty.

Alternative plans include switching the ceremony to the Stade de France or Place du Trocadero, across the river from the Eiffel Tower.

It comes as the threat of terrorism in Europe by radical jihadists is at an all-time high.

Just yesterday, German cops arrested a suspected ISIS terrorist while he was trying to sneak his way into the Euros.

Anti-terror investigators caught Soufian T, 23, who is said to have applied to get a pass as a security guard for “side events” outside the football stadium.

Cops from the Cologne police department, along with investigators from the Bonn State Security Service and federal police, arrested the German-Moroccan-Polish citizen with his mother and sister at Cologne-Bonn Airport.

Several mobile phones and €2,500 were seized.

Terrorist threat ‘acute’ across Europe

By Jessica Baker, Foreign News Reporter

THE threat of terrorism to the security of Europe is “acute”, the EU’s law enforcement agency warns.

Europol said the top concern of EU countries is “jihadist terrorism” and foreign terrorist fighters who travel from conflict zones.

Some fear the terror group ISIS could be looking to leverage conflict in the Middle East to launch a fresh of attacks across Europe.

Ten jihadist attacks have been foiled by cops in Europe in the past 12 months alone, according to Dutch intelligence agency AIVD.

The agency claimed attacks planned and intercepted included stabbing rampages at major events and assaults on specific groups and venues.

Israel’s spy agency meanwhile alleged Iranian terror cells are plotting attacks across the continent ahead of the Paris Olympics.

The Olympics chief has promised a ring of steel at the Games’ opening ceremony and insisted “security is the priority” to ensure the safety of an expected 15 million fans and more than 10,000 athletes.

A new wave of bloodshed

In recent weeks, ISIS have resurfaced across Europe and the US in a concerning escalation putting British counter-terror experts on high alert.

Will Geddes spoke to The Sun and said he would not be surprised if the UK’s terror threat level increases.

He said: “I would be remarkably surprised if we did not see a terrorist attack on the UK or on European soil, certainly in the next few months.”

These worries have stemmed from a horrific attack in Moscow as four ISIS-K gunmen unleashed gunfire on concert-goers, slaughtering over 140 and publishing horrific videos of their deaths.

It was the worst Islamic extremist terror attack in Europe to date.

Paris is expected to take further measures in the coming months amid the rising chilling threats.

France raised its terror threat level to the highest marker after the Moscow attack – meaning an attack is “imminent”.

Meanwhile, Western intelligence revealed how cops stopped at least 12 terror attacks in the past 12 months across Europe.

Ten jihadist attacks have been bravely intercepted and prevented in Europe last year, says Dutch intelligence agency AIVD.

Among the attacks foiled include stabbing rampages at global events, and barbaric assaults on specific venues and groups being targeted, the annual report revealed.

AIVD, the Dutch agency that made the report, listed two potential reasons for the high number of attacks in the last year.

It said: “There were two mobilising issues: the destruction of Korans in the Netherlands and other European countries and the conflict between Israel and Hamas.”