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Is there something spooky in the air? We’ve been delving into the topic of Gorilla Tag ghosts to bring you a run-down of the supposed phantoms that haunt the maps of the popular game. None of these ghostly stories are verified, and the developers have made no official mention of the spectral apes being a feature, so take this all with a huge grain of salt, but we love a good ghost story.

Gorilla Tag is a pretty fun and simple VR experience that has you clambering around maps using just your arms, and trying to catch or escape from other players. Its graphics are pretty simple and relatively low-poly, which might be why it gives some people the creeps just a little. You can find out more about the game via the official website.

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Gorilla Tag Ghosts List

We’ve scoured the community and come up with a list of the most infamous phantom apes that players have claimed to find in their games.


  • An ape claimed to appear in the ‘Banshee’ seed when more than seven players are active. It supposedly stares at the player, and screams when making eye contact for too long.


  • A ghost that has gained the nickname for the trademark, noise it makes. The mysterious player is supposed to appear and play a distorted version of the song ‘Daisy Bell’.


  • An infamous Gorilla Tag ghost story is that of PBBV, a salmon-coloured gorilla that supposedly spawn on the bridge in the forest map. This gorilla speaks in a deep, raspy voice.

Gorilla Tag Ghosts FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you might have about Gorilla Tag Ghosts, or the game in general.

What Are Gorilla Tag Ghosts?

Most of what we know about Gorilla Tag ghosts comes from stories posted online. Gorilla Tag ghosts appear to be players to begin with, that observers reported as behaving in an unusual or frightening way. Videos exist of some of these ghosts, though it’s not possible to verify them, as these may simply be other players.

What is Gorilla Tag?

Gorilla tag is a multiplayer PVP game. The developers,  Another Axiom designed it specificallt for VR devices. You take the role of a gorilla, with good climbing arms. Sadly, you don’t have any legs, so you’ll need to use your arms to move around the maps. There are several modes, though the core mechanic is chasing or being chased around the maps, many of which have tunnels or climbing areas.