Everything Announced At Ubisoft Forward 2024

While the majority of the Summer Games Fest 2024 weekend is over that doesn’t mean that game reveals need to stop. Ubisoft Forward 2024 was Ubisoft’s showing where fans have a chance to check out new extended gameplay demos for Star Wars Outlaws, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, and many more titles.

After a pre-show mix of brief updates on the water in Skull and Bones, the availability of RockSmith+, and games like Hat Golf the show was off!

Star Wars Outlaws

To begin the show a musical performance on stage highlighted a variety of string, horns, and percussion instruments highlighting a guitar performance by the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra. As the music grew the tone of the piece shifted to one very much at home in the universe of Star Wars as the screen behind them warped to light speed.

If you’re interested in learning what our very own Andrew Otton thought of Star Wars Outlaws then you can check out his preview of the game from the showfloor.

Emerging out of light-speed gameplay sequences were shown of arrival on a planet, racing speeders across a desert, and multiple back-alley deals.

Mathias Karlson, Game Director at Massive Entertainment, took the opportunity to talk over a presentation for Star Wars Outlaws. Gameplay was shown of different Experts that Kay will be able to meet allowing her to obtain new abilities. The gameplay section, set in the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine, shows Kay surveying the sights, walking past different strange shops and aliens.

Players will be able to jump between different systems, filled not only with planets to visit but also random events like a spaceship being attacked by pirates. You can choose to engage in these missions for a variety of rewards including favor with different factions within the game.

Dropping from orbit down to Tatooine’s surface Kay lands at the Cantina. Karlson explained that getting to recreate this city was a dream for many of the team, and that they were able to do a lot to flesh out the space.

Gameplay progressed with Kay questioning those in the cantina before making her way towards a storehouse as a next destination. This gameplay showed off a wide variety of locations that you’ll be able to travel through as you traverse the desert planet.

Moving into stealth and combat we see Kay using the environment and her pet, Nyx, to scan and attack enemies while remaining hidden. Once stealth was no longer an option a quick pistol shot quietened the last of the outlaws in this space. There’s a number of fun references in the gameplay including a quick shot from the hip that Kay can be seen performing before she pulls her blaster all the way up.

Calling her speeder bike Kay blasts off away from danger, even making it past what looked to be Owen Lars moisture farm.


News from XDefiant is a new faction called GSK, 3 free new weapons, a new map per month including Daytona, and a new Capture The Flag game mode. Throughout this trailer a number of other rank rewards were shown including a variety of cosmetics for your weapons and character. This new season launches in July.

Skull and Bones

After hearing from Skull and Bones and their improvements on water in the pre-show more was shown for Season 2: Chorus of Havoc and it’s new narrative arc. Taking on the new bosses of the seas in this season you’ll be able to pick up all kinds of cosmetic rewards. Players will also be able to take on a Megalodon, or participate in a regatta.

Into The Dragon’s Wake, Season 3, was also discussed showing off a new boss of the sea, as well as gameplay of the Flying Dragon sea monster. For those interested in PvP there’s a 5v5 mode that will be added.

Prince of Persia

For the 35th Anniversary of the Prince of Persia franchise it is Ubisoft’s plan to release a number of experiences. Starting off with a sizzle reel for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown the Divine Trials free content update was announced. In this free DLC players will get to take on a variety of platforming and combat challenges and pick up new cosmetics. The Divine Trials is available now. The Mask of Darkness Story DLC will also be coming in September.

Evil Empire’s Rogue Prince of Persia was also given time at the presentation. The first update, Temple of Fire, is already about to release. This update will bring with it a whole new biome with new enemies and traps to avoid as you try to save Persia.

Continuing the 35th Anniversary trend a teaser trailer was shown for The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake which will now be released in 2026.

Avatar: Frontiers

Gameplay and content creator reactions were shown for Far Cry-like Avatar Frontiers. After this trailer DLC was shown off for Avatar Frontiers, what begins as the ‘great games’ is interrupted as the Na’vi are attacked.

Once again you will need to take the fight to the humans that make their home on Pandora infiltrating their bases, and fighting off larch mech structures.

Avatar Frontiers The Sky Breaker DLC will release July 16th, 2024.

The Crew Motorfest

The Crew: Motorfest highlighted Season 4 of their first year of content that will be releasing in July 2024.

Year two will have Season 5, Season 6, and Season 7. Season 5 will introduce a brand new island for players to race across and explore. Season 5 will also include Made In Japan 2. The Chase Squad will also be added in November 2024.

Anno 117: Pax Romana

Moving away from the racetracks, and to a hillside the next trailer begins with a roman announcer addressing a variety of creatures like goats and frogs. After hyping up the greatness of Rome the title Anno 117: Pax Romana is unveiled.

Releasing on PC and Console in 2025 this game will allow players to take on the role of the leaders of Rome. For the first time in Anno you’ll also be able to pick your starting region whether that be the heartland of rome or distance regions.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows

Just like Star Wars Assassin’s Creed Shadows also received a musical performance on the Ubisoft Forward 2024 stage. A gameplay trailer shows off fast-paced Samurai gameplay and stealthy kunoichi attacks setting the story for the adventure going forward.

In this game you’ll get to play as Yasuke the Samurai or Naoe the Ninja. Each protagonist not only has differences in their worldview, but also in gameplay. Progressing through the game there is a full year cycle that will progress different seasons. An example of this was that ice in the winter will freeze water stopping you from using it as cover. The day and night cycle will also be important as you can extinguish lights to add to your stealthy abilities.

An extended gameplay trailer was shown to close out the show. In this gameplay trailer we see Yasuke as he approaches a village in search of the corrupt Daimyo. Making his way to the city he’s informed of a corrupt samurai that he is able to fight, along with their lackeys, in the streets. Joining with Naoe the player can decide whether they want to approach the castle fo the Daimyo as Yasuke for a front on and brutal assault, or use Naoe’s abilities to infiltrate the castle silently.

Picking Naoe we can see a variety of her ninja tools including a grappling hook allowing her to scale buildings, and a bamboo shoot used to remain hidden underwater while being able to breath.

The gameplay ended with a sizzle reel showing off some of the different features of the game including the season and weather change effects that were discussed.

Gameplay was shown to those attending SGF of what this infiltration looked like from the more action-focused gameplay style of Yasuke, our very own Austin Suther was able to see this gameplay and give his thoughts on the whole presentation.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows will release November 15th, 2024