Microsoft’s Discless Xbox Series X Revealed – Video

Speaker 1: The next Xbox has officially been announced during xbox’s Showcase at Summer Games Fest here in Los Angeles. Xbox announced a new version of its Series X console, along with new color options for its current series X and S. I’m going to run through all the new hardware and what it means for you.

Speaker 1: The first and biggest news is the new robot white Xbox Series X all digital edition that doesn’t have a disc drive. We actually got leaked photos of this box a couple months ago. This all digital series X [00:00:30] matches the current launch series X with one terabyte of solid state hard drive space. The all digital X will retail for $450, a $50 drop in price from the current series X. Personally, I say you pay the extra 50 bucks and get yourself a disc drive version, giving yourself more options to how to play your games. The next hardware update is a new color option for the current series X. This speckled black option is titled the Galaxy Black Special Edition, and we’ll have twice as much SSD storage at two terabytes. It also [00:01:00] features a green base plate and a unique matching controller color. This Galaxy Black Edition will retail for $600, a $100 increase in price.

Speaker 1: This price increase is pretty similar to what you’d pay for a standard black Series X and the additional storage add-on that Microsoft sells. So this would be a fine deal if you’re interested in the special color palette. The third and last hardware announcement is for the series S. Originally launched in white with 512 gigabytes of hard drive space. Then last year we saw the Black Series [00:01:30] S get a bump to one terabyte. This new white series S matches the one terabyte storage option. It will retail for $350 the same price as the black S last year. All three consoles are set to launch this holiday 2024 with no specific release date and pre-orders are coming soon. So what do you think of all this new hardware? Does any of it interest you? Do you like the new color? Is any of it worth upgrading for you? Let me know in the comments and thanks for watching.