The Kickstarter campaign for Edenfall has an official launch date

It’s time to wake up and save the world, Venya!


Everflux Games, the indie studio founded and led by solo developer Laurenz Baumgartner, has officially unveiled the launch date of its Kickstarter campaign for Edenfall: Legacy of the First Wardens through a dedicated announcement trailer.

The trailer sets the stage for what is likely the beginning of our adventure. We find ourselves in Eden as Venya (voiced by Anusia Battersby), a young girl who has lost her memory and unknowingly possesses a great, latent power. Awakened by a mysterious calling voice, Venya find herself disoriented, lost, unaware of who she is, her past, or her true purpose. That is, until she encounters Alkina, a fox spirit and the ancient keeper of the land’s secrets—a companion, a friend, who we will discover to be her guide and right hand.

Guided by Alkina in the ways of spirituality and meditation, and having reclaimed lost knowledge, Venya is now ready to reclaim her ancient power and fulfill her destiny: restoring peace to this desecrated earthly paradise and eradicating the pervasive corruption that threatens to engulf Eden and its extraordinary ecosystem.

The trailer provides us with an initial glimpse into the narrative and allows us to appreciate some of the main core features at the heart of the game, while also showcasing the beautiful and vibrant game world. It’s been an incredibly complex and lengthy journey for the solo developer, with a development process spanning three years—and it’s far from over.

The Kickstarter campaign, available at the following link, will officially kick off on June 11th. To be among the first to know the exact launch time, make sure to click the “notify me on launch” button to receive a notification when it goes live.

For further information about the Kickstarter campaign for Edenfall: Legacy of the First Wardens, keep following us, and make sure to visit the official Everflux Games’ X account for the latest updates, exclusive clips, and behind-the-scenes insights into game development.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about the game and its creator, be sure not to miss our exclusive interview with the developer, Laurenz Baumgartner.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

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