Pro-Hamas Protesters Mob Streets of Downtown LA, Chant ‘Free Palestine’ After Hostages Rescued – RedState

The sun rising on Saturday brought with it welcome news about the hostages who are still being held captive by Hamas terrorists since the attack on Israel on Oct. 7, 2023. As we wrote in several articles, members of Israel’s armed forces and police pulled off a daring raid, rescuing four Israelis from their captors in Gaza.

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As my colleague Bonchie wrote, the joyful news wasn’t received that way by pro-Hamas protesters in our nation’s capital, who apparently had a game plan to “surround the White House,” in hopes of swaying President Biden to their hateful position against our ally Israel. They also clashed with police and National Park Service personnel.

Indeed, the protest at the White House was the focus of the radical leftists’ action on Saturday afternoon, but it wasn’t the only place where protests were organized nationwide, according to this X post, which includes a flyer:

One of the major U.S. cities on the list is Los Angeles, and — like clockwork — protesters mobbed the streets of its downtown. This post claims that “thousands of people” have joined student activists at L.A.’s city hall. Notice again the mention of being “the red line,” just like on the flyer:

Here they are, marching near the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) headquarters:

About three hours into the protest, this video of marchers chanting pro-Hamas slogans like “Free Palestine” appeared, led by what the X user said was a streamer from the Kick online platform:

Since this is a developing story, RedState will provide further updates as they become available.