Side-scrolling action platformer Naughty Geese coming to Switch

Naughty Geese

PixelHeart and Statera Studio are teaming up on the new game Naughty Geese, the two sides announced today. The game arrives on Switch in 2025.

Naughty Geese is a new 2D side-scrolling action platformer in which players take on the role of a biker goose who tries to keep his offspring safe from predators. Read more about it in the following overview:

Milo embarks on a journey with his goslings without the company of his wife, who has to stay at home with her mother-in-law, however, this trip is not at all peaceful, as his goslings are “Naughty,” so he needs to go after them to rescue them. Meanwhile, some new things are happening in the world of Geeseland. With the growth and advancement of technology, some stores are appearing throughout the biomes, causing nature to gradually decrease, which consequently weakens Draculith’s power. Because of this, she sends her son Draco Jr. to investigate what is happening (the boy is a stalker). In addition to this, some animals also feel that something wrong is happening, as their natural habitat is being modified and, therefore, they become more aggressive, attacking our protagonist.

Key Features

  • Discover the world with a 2D side-scrolling platformer.
  • Move around on your motorcycle on an interactive map
  • Enjoy the landscape created in completely hand-drawn pixel art.
  • Explore and collect treasures, even the most secret ones.
  • Enjoy the sounds of nature and the original soundtrack designed for each environment.
  • Each area comprises a set of six stages and a boss, which must be overcome to access a new area.
  • During the journey, Milo will meet NPCs with whom he can interact to customize the bike, characters, and other things.
  • Play with the goslings in bonus stages.
  • There are a variety of challenges in the goslings Bonus.
  • The game features cartoon-style art evoking popular cartoons at the time of the games it pays homage to.
  • Throwing goslings is one of the game’s key mechanics.

Find a trailer for Naughty Geese below.

Reveal Trailer

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