Letter to the editor: Ridiculous Holland road-trip rant

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Re: ‘Let the planet burn’; Health minister off the rails with road trip rant, June 1

This rant by federal health minister Mark Holland equating family road trips with destroying the planet would be laughable if Holland weren’t serious.

The guy seems completely out of touch with reality. If this little rant by a cabinet minister doesn’t signify that it’s time for a new federal government, I don’t know what will.

Perhaps once Holland loses his seat in the House, he can cower in his home and sob in terror at the looming demise of our planet due to climate change.



Re: Workers shipped out for ‘safety,’ June 1

Don’t let officials and government types fool you, this city is getting quite violent like its counterparts all over North America. This latest move by the Department of National Defence, shipping out its employees because of safety concerns, is not surprising. However, it is rather comical; here we have a building called National Defence and its occupants are moving away because they are being threatened.

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Some of this can be blamed on the controlled-injection site and a lot has to be put on the shoulders of law enforcement for not doing something regarding the epidemic of panhandlers. This will only worsen as time marches on; the area in Lowertown near the ByWard Market is fast becoming a no-go zone for residents.



Re: Federal government posts $50.9-billion deficit for 2023-24 fiscal year, online, May 31

This informs anyone wondering what the socialist coalition of Singh-Trudeau is costing them. Justin Trudeau cannot spend $100 billion on a green dream, give $20 billion in compensation to Indigenous people and spend billions more for caving to Jagmeet Singh’s dental and pharmacare plans to keep his support without massive deficits.  Let’s not forget that, when Trudeau came to power back in 2015, he promised to run “small deficits.”

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He has also added hundreds of billions more to the national debt, pushing it over the $1-trillion mark. Trudeau’s reckless spending is moving Canada ever closer to going over the fiscal cliff while passing along huge financial burdens to future generations.

When will Canadians finally say enough to Trudeau and boot him out?



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