L5R River of Gold Coming To Retail In August

For certain dedicated tabletop fans, Legend of the Five Rings is special. It began as a living card game published by Fantasy Flight Games, then spun off into a TTRPG. It even has a D&D 5e conversion, Adventures in Rokugan. Now, players can make their fortune when a new board game, L5R River of Gold, comes to retail.

The L5R River of Gold retail announcement

The retail announcement of L5R River of Gold was covered by ICV2. In the game, players travel through the East Asian-inspired fantasy world of Rokugan as a merchant on the titular golden river, delivering goods for their clan. In addition, they will invest in trade ports, markets, and shrines, and gain influence with manor houses.

Is it wise to trust a contract from the Scorpion Clan?

The goal is to build wealth and best the merchants from the rival clans. Doing this will require resource management and strategy as opposed to intense duels. This is notable since Legend of the Five Rings is a setting driven by warring samurai clans, duels of passion, and supernatural demon attacks.

L5R River of Gold was developed by Keith Piggott, the same creator behind Drawn To Adventure and The Great Barrier Reef Card Game. It will be published by Office Dog, a company launched in May 2022 under Asmodee Group,

This board game will be the first new tabletop experience released in the L5R setting in years. The foundational living card game received its last major expansions in May 2021. The TTRPG, currently on its fifth edition, is being supported by another Asmodee-owned company, Edge Studio.

L5R River of Gold is for two to four players ages 14 and up. A single game can be completed in 90 minutes. It will be available at retail stores and hobby shops August 2 and will be sold at an MSRP of $49.99. Each copy will include the Patrons mini-expansion, which will improve replayability.