Every Guerrilla Collective 2024 Announcement

As we hit the summer video game announcement season, we’re kicking June off with a collection of indie devs in the Guerilla Collective event today. This is the fifth year that Guerilla Collective has hosted an event, and it generally showcases interesting games from a wide variety of developers that may not get attention at other showcases. If you want to see what your next favorite indie game may be, this is the spot to be, as we have all the announcements made.

Every Guerrilla Collective 2024 Announcement

Wrekless – Free Range Games

After a few minutes of opening, the Guerrilla Collective kicked off with an announcement of skateboarding mmo, Wrekless. The trailer for it emphasized the ability to build, share, and play together in this arcade skateboarding game. Featuring developers who worked on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, this is another team attempting to bring the skating genre back, and into the multiplayer era of self-expression and shared regions.

Wrekless is set for early access in Q3 2024 on Steam.

Yooka-Replaylee – Playtonic

Yookla-Laylee was one of the games that helped kick off the whole kickstarter spiritual successor thing, and while the game released to mixed reviews, it got a more acclaimed follow-up, and now the team at Playtonic is going back to their first game to improve it. As the definitive version of the game, Yooka-Replaylee will feature improved cameras and controls (including a tweaked move set), which will hopefully help many player’s issues with the game, improved visuals, an orchestral soundtrack, and both new and improved challenges. There will also be a new collectible currency, a new world map and challenge tracker, and all new tonics, and mechandise at Vendi.

Yooka-Replayee is available to wishlist on Steam now, and will have a developer QnA next week.

Deathbound – Trialforge Studio

Another studio is trying their hands at the souls-like genre, with Trialforge’s Deathbound having a unique party-based mechanic where you switch characters at the tap of a button. It had a passable demo back in Steam Next Fest, but left myself and others wondering how it would turn out. Well, they are releasing a new Deathbound demo so everyone can see what progress has come with the game, and if it interests them before the game releases later this year.

Volgarr The Viking 2 – Crazy Viking Studios

Following Deathbound is a return of a hard-as-hell action game, Volgarr the Viking, that takes its inspiration from 80s arcade action games with a sequel. While retaining its difficulty, Volgarr the Viking 2 adds in modern conveniences like a practice mode, checkpoints, save profiles, and unlimited continues – though there is a bonus for purists who disdain these features as well.

Volgarr the Viking 2 will release August 26th, 2024 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Knights in Tight Spaces – Ground Shatter

From the Creators of Fights in Tight Spaces, is the tactical combat sequel Knights in Tight Spaces, showing off its gameplay in the new gameplay trailer. This is a standalone title set in the same universe that goes back to medieval times, using the same deckbuilding core while building on that and the stylish art direction and animation.

Knights in Tight Spaces has a demo available now on Steam.

Neon Blood – Chaotic Brain

This cyberpunk investigative adventure Neon Blood revealed a broad release window today, as it will be coming in Q4 2024

Steamworld Heist 2 – Thunderful

Steamworld Heist 2 was announced a few weeks ago, and the team at Thunderful continues to showcase it in new trailers, this time showcasing a midgame mission with the tactical combat. More classes, and abilities are seen here, while retaining the core tactical focus of Steamworld Heist, including elements such as the richocheting bullets.

Steamworld Heist 2 releases August 8th on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

Kiborg – Sobaka Studio

Developer Sobaka Studio showcased their upcoming action rogue-lite Kiborg during the show, with a brand new trailer, and a new announcement: there will be a free prologue releasing this summer on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Kiborg: Arena has you playing as protagonist Morgan Lee’s clones fighting in Sigma’s Coliseum, against other prisoners to raise cash to fund the resistance group he leads. The prologue features an endless mode which will spawn an increasing amount of enemies for you to overcome, while the main action features a story with some choices, and both feature a variety of augments and weapons.

Kiborg aims to mix roguelite and brutal action games according to developer Dimitry Kachkov, and will be releasing on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S

Disco Samurai – Pixel Fiber Games

Feel the beat and take down foes as the titular Disco Samurai, in this rhythm action game that has you battling criminals while you go about beating them on the beat.

A Disco Samurai demo is releasing on June 10th for Steam Next Fest.

Killing Time Resurrected – Nightdive and Ziggurat Interactive

Nightdive Studios took to the stage to reveal their next retro revival game, which is to no surprise another early Boomer Shooter being brought back. 1995 comedy horror FPS is a collective effort by two studios who have spent a lot of time dealing with retro games, and especially those of the Boomer Shooter genre. This version will feature HD graphics, updated controls, and more work done to bring it to the modern world.

Killing Time: Resurrected releases later this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Tomba! Special Edition – Limited Run Games

Tomba! Special Edition is coming from Limited Run Games, and is a revival of the 1997 2.5d platforming adventure. It will have new features like the ability to save anywhere, rewind, a toggle for analog control, a museum with original advertising, packaging, and dev documents, a new sound track, and an interview with Tomba!‘s creator Tokuro Fujiwara.

Tomba! Special Edition is releasing on August 1

Project Tides – Fabraz

Fabraz took to announce their next game, what they are for now calling Project Tides. It’s billed as the ‘first truly expressive 3D Platformer’, and features a massive open world. The current name is a placeholder, with an official full announcement coming soon.

Project Tides is available to wishlist on Steam

Final Knight – 2oclocksoft

Final Knight, an action beat-em up game with what appears to be a dizzying amount of options and numbers you can add, mixing an old school RPG esq look with autobattling elements for the rest of your party. It also takes inspiration from classic tabletop rpgs for classes and abilities.

Final Knight is releasing on Switch and PC, with a demo available on Steam right now.

Ninja Slayer Neo-Saitama In Flames – Skeleton Crew

Kadowka brings an adaptation of the hit manga Ninja Slayer with Ninja Slayer Neo Saitama In Flames, a high speed 2D Action platformer, where you play as the titular NinjaSlayer battling against the evil ninjas.

Ninja Slayer Neo-Saitma in Flames will release in 2024.

Light Odyssey – Ssun Games

This Shadow of the Colossus esq game features you playing a small character, battling enormous creatures as you explore the world, and see mysterious languages that you don’t know about. Devastating boss battles require you to dodge in an almost bullet hell esq fashion as you attempt to take them down.

Light Odyssey will release in Q4 2024.

Fallen Aces – New Blood Interactive

Fallen Aces was shown off as we saw the noir filter on the game showing how well it works in black and white, and in color for a game with a true comic book aesthetic.

Stay tuned, as Fallen Aces is expected to reveal the episode one release date later this weekend. There is a demo available right now on PC.

EvilVEvil – Toadman Interactive

This co-op FPS features you shooting down enemies as a powerful vampire working to take down an evil conspiracy. This gameplay features the vampire Leon taking on skeleton like demons, and tears one apart in a Doom-like fashion.

EvilVEvil releases July 16 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S

AntonBlast – Summitsphere

AntonBlast announced AntonBlast: The Dynamite Demo, a free demo available to play now of this quirky explosive action platformer. The cinematic preview today showcases Satan, who wishes to be the reddest being in existence. The cinematics were done entirely in-engine and done by the team at Summitsphere.

Antonblast releases on November 12

Wizard of Legend 2 – Dead Mage

From the creators of Children of Morta comes Wizard of Legend 2 as Humble Bundle opted for a new developer for this sequel. The trailer features new gameplay showing off various new features in the sequel that players can expect.

Wizard of Legend 2 has a single player demo available now on Steam, although the full game will have 4 player co-op

Clock Tower Rewind – Wayforward

Limited Run Games showcased Clock Tower Rewind, and discussed a bit of this revamp of a classic survival horror game. They are not changing any of the art, gameplay or other core elements, with stuff like save anywhere, and rewind for a small period. They are also adding localization for many languages.

Clock Tower Rewind is coming Fall 2024 for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Post Trauma

Post Trauma is a horror game inspired by the classics, where you play as Roman, a train conductor trapped in a hellscape of horror. You solve mysteries, and battle some of the horrors there that get in your way.

Post Trauma will be released in 2024 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Into the Pit – Mega Cat

Prepare for a genre switch as Five Nights at Freddy’s explores the original events at the pizzaria in a new way, where you time travel to solve puzzles, avoid Freddy, and uncover mysteries. Developed by Mega Cat studios in collaboration with creator Scott Cawthorn, this trailer shows the game for the first time.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Into the Pit is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

Hollow Body – Headware Games

Play as Mica, in this survival horror game, where you travel around, investigating elements, in a game that feels very much like a 90s Survival Horror game made by a modern indie studio. It has a look or feel of something like early Resident Evil or Silent Hill games.

There’s a demo for Hollow Body available on Steam.

Demonschool – Necrosoft Games

The highly anticipated Demonschool got a showcase moment, where they showcased some of their characters in the game that takes its inspiration from Devil Survivor, and other Shin Megami Tensei titles including Persona (especially the early ones).

There is a new demo for Demonschool that will be available during Steam Next Fest, as it releases later this year.

Projekt Z: Beyond Order – 314 ARTs

From the slow and thoughtful survival horror games, we go now to the side of things that is killing zombies enmasse with machine game. It is a Co-Op FPS, take takes place during an alternate scenario of World War 2, as a diverse crew of soldiers with unique abilities take on a mission to discover a Nazi experiment on a remote island. They aim to discover covert plans, and stop schemes both related, and unrelated to Projekt Z, the Nazi’s plan to use zombies to win the war. Build your hideout, upgrade weapons, select missions, solve puzzles and more to do something very appropriate: killing Nazis on this D-Day anniversary.


Projekt Z: Beyond Order releases later this year for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S

The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest – Retroware

Next up was some real Castlevania action, in particular of Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest. Marked as a parody/homage of classic 8-bit games, Simon Quest, the main character, resurrects Dracula to slay him after his fame was stolen by another who killed the dread vampire.

The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest releases in 2025.

Urban Myth Dissolution Center –  Hakababunko

This game has a distinctive look, and what was described by a friend of mine as World of Horror-esq look. The trailer shows off a situation where they are looking into a situation around Elevator Girl, but the full game will feature many more urban myths that you can discover the truth behind.

Urban Myth Dissolution Center releases on Steam in 2024.

Cozy Dungeons –  Them Handsome Fellas

Mix dungeon crawling and interior decorating with Cozy Dungeons as you don’t just conquer the dungeons, you then redecorate and sell them to customers to make money. With that money you rebuild your guild from its terrible state to look better and unlock new elements of gameplay.

Cozy Dungeons releases on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

DoubleShake – Right Stick Studios

This is a 2.5D retro-inspired Platformer inspired by by games like Klonoa, and Tomba!. You grab, shake, throw, and kick your way to defend your little island home.

DoubleShake is coming soon, and will release on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and 5.

The Land of the Magnates – Permanent Way Games

This musical adventure has you using music to battle foes as you hit notes to send music magic at them. This adventure is inspired by Middle Eastern myths, and legends, where you play as Shahbaz, a disgraced prince with his sitar, seeking to regain his throne. It draws on Arabia, Persia, India, Byzantium, and other Middle Eastern cultures, and is created by a team of Turkish developers from Istanbul.

The Land of the Magnates has a demo available on Steam right now.

Creatures of Ava – Inverge and Chibig

Exploring the planet of Ava has you and your team meeting new creatures, and finding friends, as you attempt to rescue the various creatures of Ava. A mysterious infection, called the Withering, endangers them all, and you must work with the apprehensive Naam who are the native intelligent species of Ava as you work to save as many creatures as you can, who you can then call on for help. They are aiming to shake up the ‘creature collecting’ genre with this new take on it.

The game aims to challenge players to look at preservation and the human-centric viewpoint we can take, and consider the natural balance of the world.

Creatures of Ava will have a free demo available on June 10th.

Egging On

Prepare to climb in this physics-based game, where you control an egg and need to get to the top. Inspired by games like Getting Over It, this seems to be a title that is for those who love insane challenges. For those who want even more challenge, you can find hidden stamps and skins, which only last until you break your shell, so getting to the top with them is difficult.

Egging On will be releasing on Steam.


Parkour is a big part of this open world styled game, with you jumping, sliding, wall running, and more as you go about and battle foes with the sword on your back, or attempt to avoid them. Prepare to battle giant construction vehicles by climbing and moving over them as a girl attempts to destroy every machine in the ruins of a megastructure. It is inspired by the Prince of Persia games, presumably starting with Sands of Time.

Motorslice will be releasing in 2025

The Secret of Crystal Mountain

This cute adventure game has you playing as a fox as you travel about exploring areas, and doing quests for the inhabitants. Solve puzzles, gather keys, and explore a series of islands on the ground and the sky in The Secret of Crystal Mountain.

The Secret of Crystal Mountain will be releasing on Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

Little Problems

Nothing says that detective games must be about big murders, or conspiracies. Little Problems is a cozy detective game about solving the small problems and mysteries that abound in day to day life that was announced at Guerrilla Collective.

Little Problems is coming this winter.

Day of the Shell – Duper Games

Day of the Shell is a strategy/roguelite game based around small tactical battle maps, where you battle foes with a variety of abilities, and gain skills with different cards to give you new abilities and equipment.

Day of the Shell is releasing on Steam.

Cataclismo – Digital Sun

Build your castle to take on the hordes of enemies coming to attack you, in this RTS style game. Design your fortress, train soldiers, and do more as evil foes try to wipe out humanity. This game is coming from the developers of Moonlighter, and the publishers of Manor Lords who just signed it as a title in their library too.

Cataclismo has a demo available right now and releases on July 16th.

Grit and Valor 1949 – Milky Tea

World War 2 hasn’t ended, but instead gone to Steampunk mechs, as real time strategy, and roguelite mechanics combine for a unique strategy game, as you attempt to push a campaign to get through various regions. Each region has a boss, and you must get to Germany to deploy a giant EMP.

Grit and Valor 1949 is releasing in 2025

Kriegsfront Tactics

More mech action is showcased in the next game, as we see mechs getting dropped from above deploying advanced weapons as they fight against other mechs and other foes in a roguelite turn-based mecha tactics game.

Before this alternate history 1970s game releases, however, Kriegsfront Tactics Prologue will be available first for free on July 18th.


Next we travel to outer space, to a game that has you using Newtonian physics, and action taking place in real-time as well in this interstellar mining game, that also has you using warships and defense platforms to defend yourself.

Starminer releases in 2024.

Chocolate Factory

Did you ever want to be Willy Wonka? Was Factorio just not sweet enough for you? If so, then Chocolate Factory is where it’s at it seems, as you build an insane factory of chocolate making and battle off candy monsters, marshmellows, and gingerbread men to protect the ultimate sweet making empire.

Chocolate Factory releases June 18th

Rebots – FlatPonies

Play as an employee at the Rebots Corporation, and where you manage resources together. You use the titular Rebots to accomplish tasks that are given to you from various aliens at your home base. Your Rebots will take the orders you give to them via various control nodes on various buildings. You configure a loop, and your Rebots will go about and make you all the Steel or whatever you configured.

Rebots is coming in Q3 2024, and has a demo right now.

Monterona – Slava Korolev

Decorate homes, and small streets in this cozy game, which lets you handle a small neighborhood, and see the people around. Build the streets, the buildings, and share what you built with everyone else.

Monterona is coming to Steam and has a demo available now.

Beloved Rapture

A retro-inspired RPG with modern conveniences, that seems to take a lot of notes from things like Final Fantasy 6 with its look and how it opens up part way through the game. There are a lot of secrets, NPCs to meet, job boards with quests, minigames, and other things to find. There are no random encounters in Beloved Rapture, so be careful when you fight, and turn order is entirely dependant on speed, and abilities that modify them.

Beloved Rapture releases later this year, and has a demo available now.

Dungeon Clawler

Use claw machines, pachinko, and other games of chance to arm your characters to fight in this turn-based roguelite deckbuilder game with a variety of characters.

Dungeon Clawler releases in Q3 2024, and has a demo available on Steam right now.

W.I.L.D. Tactics

A stylish tactics game, NAME uses jazz inspired sound track to help ground its world, and is set in the world of Chicken Police. Inspired by XCOM, the game features tactical combat, base building, and recruitment among other features and showed off an interesting narrative in its announcement.

Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire

Prepare to travel the skies and make friends as Glenn Windwalker. Customise your airship, prepare for tactical dogfights, and explore more in Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire. Sky Oceans releases this year.

Bittersweet Birthday

Prepare for osme action, and battles against a variety of foes in various rooms and situations in this game, while also partaking in minigames. Bittersweet Birthday releases in 2025.

Escape From Ever After

This Paper Mario-inspired adventure RPG has you battling against a giant corporation with other employees, to push back the evils of capitalism.


Prepare, Advance, Die, Repeat, the roguelite path (different from the roguelike one which doesn’t let you advance!). Prepare to fight over 50 monsters in THIS GAME, which involves manipulating elements and aether, as well as using your own monsters against them. You raise your monsters and give them skills as they

Echo Generation: Midnight Edition – Cococumber

The remaster of the turn-based adventure Echo Generation is coming out soon on PC and for the first time, the game will also be released on Nintendo Switch. This remaster will be adding more than just new visuals though, as it will add fast travel, a quest log, combat updates, and a dozen new languages for the game set in the best country (Canada). Developer Cocumber was inspired to return to the first game in their voxel trilogy after releasing Ravenlok, using everything they had learned during their journey.

Despite what the trailer released during the event says, Echo Generation: Midnight Edition will release on PC (via Steam), and Nintendo Switch on June 19th for $24.99. Beyond English players will be able to play the game in: French, Spanish (European and Latin American), German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazillian), Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, and Korean.

The Axis Unseen

Fire and blood were my first impressions in this trailer, as fire arrows hit beasts that erupted full of blood when hit. Your weapon seems to be a bow, that you can light fire arrows, and you are battling various demonic beasts and exploring, and solving puzzles in an open world that can have you battling enormous skeletons, or treefolk.

The Axis Unseen releases in October 2024.

Slime Heroes

Prepare to be a cute Slime battleing acorss the world, using your giant ears as swords and polearms. Battle bosses, alone or with friends, right now in the Slime Heroes demo available on Steam.


Deadlink is coming to consoles on July 20th, with new time trial mode as well.


In Elsie play as a battle droid in a rogue-lite action platformer where you fight through hordes of robotic enemies. Elsie has a demo available now on Steam, and is also coming to Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5.

Grifford Academy

When you are transported to a new world, the only thing you have is one item. Erika has her hockey stick, as she prepares to fight, while Viva has her book and foodie knowledge, Cap has his brain, and a sword, while Jinne has her guitar she can use against the foes. Demo Available now on Steam.


What’s black, white and red all over? Bloodless is with a striking look, mixing the not-quite monochromatic color scheme, with a Japanese aesthetic to create it as you battle foes. Bloodless Releases August 29th, with a demo on June 10th.

Toxic Crusaders

It’s time for some beat’em up action with Toxic Crusaders, and battle crazy enemies with fists, weapons, and more. There are fully voiced cutscenes, and a lot more to see in this Beat Em Up.


An ultra violent action game that moves with crazy speed and combos across the map as you attempt to slay everything quickly in a pattern. The 1.0 release is coming in October.

Iron Meat

A Contra-esq action game, Iron Meat has you traveling the levels, shooting, and getting upgrades. You unlock new characters as you goo and battle enemies, as you play either together or in co-op with a friend against deadly enemies. Iron Meat releases in late 2024.

Beyond the Ice Palace 2

After an ironic statement about them going to introduce some metroidvanias and roguelites (it’s only been half the show) we get to see a game that looks very much inspired by Castlevania. You upgrade your character, the cursed king as you explore and travel about using your chain whip to battle foes, especially the colossal demon bosses. beyond the Ice Palace 2 is coming soon on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.


Battle foes as a cute little man, and pet the animals as you go through Renaine and prepare to unlock new abilities. The game’s precise look seems inspired by Shovel Knight. Renaine has a demo available right now for Summer Games Fest on Steam.


Immortal Hunters

A co-op Beat-em-Up RPG, Immortal Hunters is releasing this year and has a demo available right now.

Pinball Spire

We’ve seen several Pinball games, but we’re seeing a new take with a Pinballvania, that has complex levels to explore as a little pinball about. There is a Pinball Spire demo available on Steam right now.

ChainStaff – Null Games

This teaser revealed a brutal action platformer with a flexible chain staff that gets used as a grappling hook and more. ChainStaff will be fully revealed tomorrow.

Storm Edge

This co-op roguelite action game has you put your skills to the test, and you’ll be able to do so when it releases in Q3 2024.


Grow your creature by eating, as what you eat determines what you become and you kill the various foes. There is a demo currently available of Munch on Steam.


Partake in difficult platforming, help people, solve puzzles, and travel about in this Hollow Knight inspired metroidvana coming in 2025

Somber Echoes

Prepare to reflect bullets, and slash down foes in this Greco-Roman inspired metroidvania.

Frogun Encore – Molegato

A standalone expansion/sequel for the N64 Inspired platformer Frogun, Frogun Encore builds upon the original as the protagonist has grown up, and gained a friend beyond her frog gun so the game can now be played in local co-op. Renata, and perhaps her friend Jake, travel the world to prevent the return of the evil Beelzebub when Frogun Encore releases on June 25th for PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


Crypt Custodian – Kyle Thompson

Zelda meets Metroid in this upcoming game from creator Kyle Thompson as you play as Pluto, a mischievous cat sentenced to an afterlife of being the janitor… forever. It’s call the afterworld where you must clean up, and meet other ghosts, battle beasts, and explore, while dealing with those who have problems moving on.

Crypt Custodian releases this summer on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Ova Magica – Skinny Frog

This JRPG takes two of the most popular things in gaming and mixes them together: social(/farming) simulation, and Pokemon. In Clover Town you’ll explore dungeons, capture blobs, battle fellow blob trainers, do odd jobs around town, and more. Meet a range of characters who you can befriend and hang out with, while exploring different worlds and competing to be the very best that ever was.

Ova Magica is releasing in Steam Early Access on July 23, and has a demo available now.

Labyrinth of the Demon King – J. R. Hudepohl

Silent Hill may be returning but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be other takes in the survival horror genre, which is right where Labyrinth of the Demon King fits in. Inspired by Feudal Japanese, this survival horror game uses a first person view point to heighten tension and also gives it a bit of a dungeon crawler feel when underground… although your resources are much more limited here. With PlayStation 1-esq graphics, this game aims to recreate the experience of those older games by including some elements like loading screen doors… so you get tense while waiting for your game to load up.

Labyrinth of the Demon King releases in 2025.

Under the Island – Slime King Games

Its back to the 90s in this 2D Action RPG from a studio founded by former Daedalic Entertainment developers. Under the Island has you exploring around a new world, battling monsters, solving puzzles, and discovering secrets in a game that wants to tap right into your nostalgia for the 90s if you are a fellow millennial. During the event they showcased the first gameplay for the game, which you can see below.