How to complete the Expunging event in Destiny 2

Instead of removing pieces of information, we will remove The Witness’s influence inside The Traveller in Destiny 2 – yes, expunging means removing information from a piece of writing. Here is how to complete the Expunging event in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: How to complete the Expunging event

The Expunging event is one of the many activities across the Pale Heart destination that you can participate in to complete its corresponding Pathfinder challenge. Similar to the Purifying event, it is quite simple to complete, but you don’t get any in-game indication on how to do so. Travel to The Transgression right next to The Impasse and interact with the treasure chest to “begin Expunging.”

Once you do, some dark and orange glowing blobs will appear across the area as well as a glowing grenade site on the ground which will grant you unlimited grenade power. If it isn’t obvious, all of these blobs are already doomed, but they won’t receive any damage unless you shoot them with your grenades.

Destiny 2 Expunging Grenade

Imagine attempting this event without the unlimited grenade boost. It will become a snooze fest. Anyway, there are some tricky shots that you need to perform, so I suggest equipping a grenade type that does not bounce to optimize your throws – which shouldn’t be an issue with your Prismatic class. These blobs are all around you so don’t forget to check all of your surroundings in case you are missing one.

  • Destiny 2 Expunging Grenade Throw
  • Destiny 2 Expunging Grenade Explosion

Once every single one of the blobs is destroyed, you will be able to interact with the chest once again. Dispel its corruption and you will receive some rewards and complete the corresponding Pathfinder challenge.

Destiny 2 Expunging Chest 2

In case you are wondering, you don’t unlock the Pathfinder for the Pale Heart location or these sorts of activities in this destination if you haven’t completed the campaign, which could take you quite a bit – especially if you are completing it in Legendary.

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