Diablo Immortal celebrates second anniversary by unleashing the loot goblins

It has been two years since Diablo Immortal launched and despite some very valid criticism of its business model, it has done pretty well for itself. The Tempest class also gives it a lot of grace. To celebrate this anniversary, the March of the Goblins will commence June 6th, and they will be out with riches in hand.

From the 6th to the 20th you can hunt down these pesky little loot goblins laden with their riches and prime for you to do some light mugging. As you perform this extreme treasure hunting you will be completing some weekly tasks. Do enough and you will get some pretty nice rewards from Gems, Crests, and at 15 tasks, a Glorious Dawn Portal.

Trail of the Hordes has a little facelift in Trail of Plunder, with Treasure goblins entering the fray. Slaying them counts as typical monster kills and grants you some shinies, so hunt them down. Competing here might also get you a Gold-Cursed Portal, taking you to a new, yet slightly familiar, boss.

Avarice the Gold Cursed has lumbered over from Diablo IV, complete with his massive hammer and just gargantuan frame. For the first time you beat him each day, you will get a legendary item, and have the chance to get normal Gems. You can also find these portals out in the wild.

To help you earn even more golf, the Goblins Plunder buff will double rewards in content such as Horadric Besttiar, Helliquary Raids, and Fishing. This buff lasts for 36 hours between the 6th and 13th but is only active when you are online, so you can enjoy it at your convenience. Bard contract owners can summon a melodic companion to play you some tunes until June 20th, or you can head to Westmarch and chill to the music there. Finally, jump on before June 20th and you can claim a five-star Stormvault Legendary Gem.

Diablo Immortal is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.