Roll20 Demiplane Acquisition Officially Announced

For the TTRPG community, Roll20 is one of the largest virtual tabletop platforms on the market. It boasts one of the largest libraries of resources and hosts millions of games every day. Now, that platform will have more resources with an official Roll20 Demiplane acquisition.

The Roll20 Demiplane acquisition announcement

The announcement of the Roll20 Demiplane acquisition was covered in a report by According to the report, the purchase goes into effect today, providing Roll20 with a suite of character creation tools that can work in tandem with the VTT and online marketplace DriveThruRPG.

This kind of convenience may be coming to Roll20.

For those unaware, Demiplane is a VTT known for its robust suite of character-creation tools and RPG resource compendiums. Its closest competition in terms of convenience and usability on the market is D&D Beyond. Demiplane’s supported titles include Paizo’s Pathfinder, Paradox Interactive’s World of Darkness, and Darrington Press’ Candela Obscura.

In an interview with Roll20’s CEO, Ankit Lai explained the reason for the Roll20 Demiplane acquisition. Lai explained that it was to further Roll20’s goal of creating a seamless user experience. This aligns with the platform’s past partnerships, providing user-created content through DMs Guild or easy battlemap creation through Dungeon Scrawl.

The Roll20 Demiplane acquisition won’t have any immediate impact on users, but Demiplane CEO Peter Romenesko noted that merged companies will look to close the difference between their two platforms very quickly.

“What you’ll see is a very concentrated effort to bring the distance between each of these different solutions that are now under the Roll20 brand, really start to bring them closer. Both in digital proximity so that all of a sudden you can start to use these things across the whole platform, whether you’re playing in person or online….You may not notice [these changes] one by one, but it’s something that we’re really committed to. In addition, we’ll continue to bring out a whole bunch of great games on our platform and find out really unique ways to bring Demiplane into DriveThruRPG and the virtual tabletop.”

It is unclear at time of writing which game systems will support Demiplane character sheet integration on Roll20. However, it is confirmed this acquisition will allow the support of playtest material for upcoming systems like Daggerheart.