New Black Ops 6 teaser confirms the return of a familiar Black Ops 2 character

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Call of Duty season is well and truly here after Activision released several teasers on their upcoming entry, Black Ops 6. This time, the CoD publishers have provided another snippet through its equally popular battle royale, Warzone. Now, although the latest clip didn’t show much in terms of the game’s upcoming content (no Zombies showcase yet, sadly), it did reveal the fate of a familiar and beloved character from Black Ops 2: Frank Woods.

For those unfamiliar, Frank Woods was often featured as a mainstay of the original Black Ops games from the 2010s alongside Alex Mason and Joseph Bowman. In Black Ops: Declassified he was even introduced as a playable character. Throughout the rest of the series, though, he was often featured as a supporting character to Mason.

In the latest clip, Woods, now wheelchair-bound, is simply there to provide players with a new briefing. “New orders, kids. We got intel there might be key information here to finally reveal that mole we’ve been hunting. Now get out there and get to work,” he says. Unfortunately, the rest of the new Black Ops 6 teaser didn’t clarify Frank Woods’s role in the upcoming game.

However, it is safe to assume that it will likely be a supporting one, much like in his previous appearances. His inclusion in this latest snippet also served as a relief to most fans since his last cameo left much to the imagination. So, even though Woods is already wheelchair-bound, some fans like u/LuntsAmighost are happy to see the gruff Master Sergeant.

While you patiently wait for more details on BO6 to drop, you may want to find out when the Black Ops 6 release date will be. This way, you can set your calendars and get your pre-orders in so you can start playing the game on launch day.